Sacrificial Killings

June 2016

Sacrificial Killings

mapI was visiting the “Source of Voodoo” nation of Togo when I first heard of the woman high priestess who was sacrificing human lives every week. The voodoo religion is steeped and deeply entrenched in this small West African country and people have a great fear and respect for the power of the high priests and priestesses. When strange or terrible things happen, much of the population are afraid to question or to seek answers. So when small children start disappearing from a village, people are very afraid, but many do nothing…even when it is their own little baby or child.

While in Togo I met a group of very bold Christian women who had formed the very first “All Women’s JESUS Film Team.” These sanctified ladies were willing to go anywhere the Holy Spirit led them. They listened to God…and then obeyed Him. So many stories have come to us from this powerful team over the past few years. [I wrote an article about these women in the May 2015 issue of Ambassador News.]

picIt seems a voodoo high priestess was practicing her witchcraft in the same area as the All Women’s JESUS Film Team. She heard the stories of how God had miraculously touched people’s lives. She became jealous of these women and the power they seemed to have. She wanted more of that power herself.

She had been abducting babies and small children and killing them to obtain the power she needed from her voodoo religion. She came to a JESUS Film showing and listened to the women speak. Afterward, she approached the women and asked, “How is it you have boldness to speak with such authority? Do you make sacrifices?” They answered…it is God who gives us the boldness to speak wherever He asks us to be a witness.

The woman said, "I watched the film about Jesus and want to repent of my sins." She went on to tell these women that EVERY week for the past 20 YEARS she had killed a small child as a sacrificial offering to her voodoo. She said, “I now know this is not right and want JESUS to forgive me.”

You and I can never bring back the OVER ONE THOUSAND children who were sacrificed by this woman, but through the power of God’s Word and the JESUS Film story, we can help to stop senseless killing and begin to restore exploited and hurting children in every nation of this world.

That voodoo high priestess left her former religion, burned all her fetishes, stopped her evil practices, and is now serving Jesus Christ as a Christian woman in Togo and helping to bring Good News to others.

Can you Ambassadors continue to help JESUS Film Harvest Partners rescue and restore exploited children? Your prayers and faithful giving to JFHP will, for sure, make a huge difference.


Your brother in the Harvest,


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JFHP Fast Fact

When you support the JESUS Film, you restore exploited and hurting children.


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