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Africa JESUS Film Leaflets | View Table of Contents

These four Leaflets use 12 scenes from the JESUS Film to help new Christians remember what they saw and learn scripture verses. They were developed on the Africa Region.

BibleStoryCards™ ResourcesBibleStoryCards Resources (External Site)

BibleStoryCards™ are trading-size cards that help you learn Bible stories easily. Each card is colorfully illustrated on the front with the Bible story and review questions written on the back. There are 50 Old Testament BibleStoryCards and 50 New Testament cards.

The Collision Between the Law & GraceOpen the Book as a PDF

This book was written to help the reader to understand with clarity the Ten Commandments as they are seen through the whole scope of Scripture (no compromise intended). Also, they are presented from both an Old and New Testament perspective to see how Jesus has fulfilled the Law, and the material is to be contextualized for today's student of the Bible.

Emmaus Road CourseView the Course's Page

The Emmaus Road Course was recently developed as a training tool for new pastors in fast growing churches. It is designed to be taught by pastors or mentors. You are encouraged to translate and duplicate this course into the language(s) of your district.  The course consists of five 20-hour sections.

Encounters with my Friend JesusOpen the document as a PDF

Using clips from the The Story of JESUS Through the Eyes of Children, Encounters with my Friend Jesus is a highly effective Evangelism tool designed for children and developed by the South America Region that will help you to: (1) carry out the Great Commission; (2) work with others as a team; (3) train others to do evangelism; (4) teach a genuine Christian message; (5) use it in small groups and homes.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Window to the World (WTTW)   Order WTTW Resource ( External Site)

Window to the World is an interactive curriculum of 12 lessons using the JESUS Film to teach English as a second language. These 12 lessons for ESL/EFL education will deepen a student's understanding of who Jesus is and what He came to do. The curriculum targets beginning to intermediate students. The students first see the JESUS Film in their heart language and then the teacher centers the 12 lessons on as many selected film clips in English.

Window To The World comes with a CD-ROM with the entire curriculum including JESUS Film clips embedded within the curriculum and a bonus DVD of the JESUS Film clips separately. Detailed instructions are included inside.

The DVD is in the NTSC standard.

EvangeCube™ ResourcesEvangeCube Resources

The EvangeCube™ "simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ...the answer to life's greatest puzzle." The EvangeCube is a tool that all ages and cultures can use. We have provided several resources to assist you in using your EvangeCube.

The Family of GodOpen Lessons as a PDF

The Family of God lessons are based on the principles explained by Rick Warren inBetter Together – 40 Days of Community. These principles are important if you want to build a new fellowship and should ideally be used in the early months of the ministry. The material has been designed in such a way that it can be used for oral learners.

Following Jesus | View Table of Contents

Following Jesus Discipleship Program uses stories from the book of Luke for the lessons. This program answers two questions: "Who is Jesus?" and "What does it mean to be His disciple." The lessons, including questions and activities, are designed for oral instruction to a group of new Christians.

Following Jesus, My Friend - Children's LessonsView Table of Contents

Following Jesus, My Friend teaches children how to understand and relate to Jesus. Each lesson is centered around an activity handout.

JESUS Film Follow-up BookletsView Table of Contents

These discipleship follow-up booklets contain gospel stories appropriate to teach Bible basics and the basic tenets of living a Christian life. The booklets challenges readers to implement what they have learned into their lives. The third booklet also offers instruction for starting a church in a home. These resources are used in the Eurasia Region.

The Life of Jesus in 15 ActsOpen the document as a PDF

Using clips from the JESUS Film, The Life of Jesus in 15 Acts is a highly effective Evangelism tools developed by the South America Region that will help you to: (1) carry out the Great Commission; (2) work with others as a team; (3) train others to do evangelism; (4) teach a genuine Christian message; (5) use it in small groups and homes.

Living Mission Visit (External Site)

Living Mission is designed to inform, inspire, and involve people in God's mission.Living Mission provides videos, lessons, audios, "hands-on" projects called CAUSES, and other resources. Your church family, Sunday School classes, or other small groups can use these resources to disciple, involve, and mentor future mission leaders for God's mission in the nations. To learn more or purchase the Living Mission resource box visit (external site)

Make DisciplesView Table of Contents

Make Disciples is a series of practical life application lessons based on Bible scriptures to help teens grow in their new faith and learn to walk the Christian lifestyle. The lessons focus on understanding who Jesus is, how we respond to Him and how to know Jesus through a church community. The lessons are intended for group sharing and discussion.

My Best Friend, Jesus"My Best Friend, Jesus" Resources (External Site)

This full-color booklet uses the imagery of the JESUS Film to help lead children to the Savior. It includes the ABC's of Salvation, a suggested prayer of commitment, and steps for follow-up.

Pre-Literate Stick FiguresView Table of Contents

Stick Figure chart booklets are designed to disciple semi- and pre-literate believers. Once a person learns the significance of each line drawing, he or she can apply this to each of the lessons and understand the scriptural truth being taught.

SteppingstonesView Table of Contents

Steppingstones Discipleship Series is a set of materials designed to lead someone from a decision for Christ to an understanding of the Christian life and faith and into Church membership. Lessons can be used to teach one individual or a class of new believers.

Soccer Camp Models | View Table of Contents

Soccer Camp Activity Models using the evangelism soccer ball.

StudyMaps | Visit 
(External Site)

StudyMaps are a visual tool designed to develop a deeper understanding of subjects like theology and Biblical studies. Most of the time, it will contain both graphics and texts, although it could contain only graphics or only text (even in different languages). The StudyMaps are developed with the belief that pictures can be used to teach efficiently both illiterate and literate people. Graphics for teaching the Articles of Faith, the books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the Gospel of Mark and the Letter to the Philippians are currently available.