These half-page inserts reinforce messages you share about the work of JESUS Film Harvest Partners and offer opportunities to get involved.

General JFHP Information  (PDF - 267KB) Provides general ministry information.

La Misíon, Metas y Resultados  (PDF - 197KB) General JFHP Information in Spanish.

Decision a Day Sponsorship  (PDF - 307KB) Provides information about the Decision a Day Sponsorship program. (Grayscale version - PDF, 93KB)

Harvest 120 Sponsorship  (PDF - 163KB) Provides information about the Harvest 120 Sponsorship program.


These full-page handouts highlight specific projects, activities, and opportunities to get involved with JESUS Film Harvest Partners. These are good resources for services, mission presentations, small group meetings, and so much more.

Equipment Overview  (PDF - 1.5MB) - A printable flyer that gives you and your congregation basic information about the types of equipment and their importance for the JESUS Film teams

Ministry Trip Info & Opportunities  (PDF - 865KB) - Provides your congregation information about what is involved in a JESUS Film Ministry Trip. Viaje de Ministerio Película JESÚS  (PDF - 871KB) Ministry Trip Info & Opportunities in Spanish.

Prayer Card  (PDF - 1 MB) This 6" x 4" card reminds your congregation to pray for the ministry.


These poster files can be printed at Kinkos, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.

General Marketing ("$3 for 1")

Display Banner - 24" x 54" tall color display (JPG - 6.2MB)
Large - 18" x 24" (JPG - 16.2MB)
Small - 8.5" x 11"  (PDF - 846KB)

Impact your World - Harvest 120 Sponsorship (JPG - 3.05MB)

It's Harvest Time! (JPG - 5.25MB)

Join the Harvest (JPG - 5.96MB)

Join the Harvest (version 2) (JPG - 4.13MB)

ROI - Field Poster (JPG - 4.17MB)

JESUS Film Showing - B&W A poster that can be printed on an 8.5"X11" sheet of paper

JESUS Film Showing - Color A poster that can be printed on an 8.5"X11" sheet of paper

JESUS Film - Join the Harvest Poster  (PDF - 208KB) A poster that can be printed on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.