South Asia
April 24, 2014


We asked team leaders in a South Asian Country (which cannot be named due to security concerns) about the effectiveness of the JESUS Film in their country.

We were astonished, encouraged, and blessed by the comments made by the leaders of the 50 teams in the country. Following is a sample of those comments:

The JESUS Film team members took part in a long brain storming session and presented their justification in favor of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry and its future continuation throughout the country.

1. We have around 2400 churches of which 98% have been planted through JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry. Our next vision is to help 1 million more souls meet the Lord through our JESUS Film work by 2020!

2. Many tribal and ethnic groups of people worship natural powers. They make idols of these powers as their gods and goddesses. It is their belief that these idols can do any miraculous things they wish. It is with this simple faith in their mind they watch the JESUS Film seeing and believing the miraculous power of Jesus. After the showing, they want to know more about the life of Jesus. On viewing the deeds of Jesus and hearing about His love for mankind, they begin to think that Jesus must be more powerful than their gods because they haven't seen any of their gods give life to the dead. This is a turning point in their hearts about the existence of Jesus. The unconditional love of Jesus for all people touches their mind and they become attracted to Him, seeking to know Him!

3. This is a relatively new operational area. There are lots of tea estates in this area and the tea garden workers are mainly worshippers of nature. There are 80 to 100 indigenous people groups who never heard the name of Jesus before. These people are living a very simple life but they are addicted to alcoholic drinks from century's back. Our target is to reach these groups of people with the salvation messages of our Lord. We need the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry resources in these areas to help them live addiction free and have hope of salvation.

4. There are thousands of un-reached who need to hear about Jesus Christ the Savior. Many of the groups live on top of the small hills. We feel that they should see the life of Jesus.

5. We strongly feel that our JESUS Film Ministry is an appropriate tool for reaching out to innumerable non-believers around this area and the adjacent areas.

6. Based on an analysis of the Southern districts, it has been revealed that under our operational areas there are altogether about 5389 potential villages with thousands of minority community people and ethnic groups among whom our teams can engage gradually. The JESUS Film is the strategy for reaching the un-reached.

7. In this culture, movie viewers accept the protagonists as their idol and try to imitate them. This makes the JESUS Film all the more wonderful. Children and young people are especially impressed with the deeds and love of Christ. They want to imitate Him and have a special desire to know more about Him. This is a very positive tool for our next generation. Therefore, the continued operation of JESUS Film Harvest Partners is extremely necessary.

8. We have 4617 villages under our North District operational areas where we plan to enter with the JESUS Film. We need to intervene in those new villages with the existing teams and the addition of more teams.

9. As we travel around the remote, rural areas and talk with lots of community people, we find the majority of the people are illiterate; they do not know how to read and write. But these groups of people are intelligent and remember things after watching the movies. The movie language media is an excellent tool for them to concentrate on the simple message that they get from the dialogues and incidents that they watch and hear from the JESUS Film.

10. In every part of this country, children are the most enthusiastic group of viewers. During follow-up meetings we learned, the children love to re-enact what they saw in the film. Also, they share their learning from the film with their parents. This is the sign of a special mark in their soft and innocent hearts. In the course of time, these small seeds of memories in the children's hearts become big firm trees with flowers and fruits. They are then able to contribute to caring for and growing local churches. In fact, the JESUS Films acts as the pioneer force to construct a Christian foundation in the hearts of thousands of illiterate village people around our operational areas.

11. We have not yet been able to cover even 10% of our targeted people groups in the rural union levels and as such the JESUS Film plays a vital role in disseminating the message of salvation among these non-believers.