South Asia Country

November 22, 2013

In one of the villages we showed the JESUS Film, we did not receive any positive feedback at all. We decided to move on. However about a week later, after one showing in another village, we were walking back to our home when we were warned there were robbers on the way. We decided to spend the night in the village we had been in a week earlier. Imagine our surprise when the villagers greeted us warmly with many questions about Jesus! We were able to share the gospel with them again, answering their questions. Several accepted Christ, even amidst threats. One villager stood up and bravely spoke out: "I will be a follower of Jesus even if there are many obstacles against me. We have discussed this in our family and decided from now on, we will follow Jesus. I believe in Him and want to welcome Him into my heart!" We are very happy to have formed a preaching point in this village!