July 02, 2012


Lona is 32 years old and she is married to Joseph. Lona's life has been filled with bitterness and hurting. She has been married for the last 10 years and she does not have a child. The first two years were good but when she entered her third year it was very hard for her. The relatives on the husband's side would ask, "when are going to give us a grandchild? It was quite unbearable. Most African cultures believe that when one marries a child should be bone immediately in fact in the course of the first year. That is why Lona's life has been unbearable. Her husband decided to run away from home and look for another woman who can give him children. Lona has done so many things in the form of looking for a child. The day we showed the JESUS Film, she decided to give her life to Christ. We prayed for her and we believe that God will take care of everything.