South Asia Country

January 25, 2013


We were able to conduct several fruitful JESUS Film showings in different locations. At one village—where the villagers are fundamental followers of another religion—we faced some great opposition. When we began to play the film, the fundamentalists came to ruin our showing. First, they pulled the electric, disconnecting everything from the generator. Then, they broke our machines and took us to their religious building. There, they tied us with ropes, kicked us, slapped us, and spit on us. The elders and teachers of their religion gathered there at night and brought accusations against us, not listening to our explanations. They wanted to kill us! They kept us locked in that building for the whole night, deciding that in the morning they would kill us. They left two men to guard us, and so throughout the night we prayed for them, preaching the Good News to them. God spoke to the hearts of these men, and they realized their misunderstanding. They freed us and helped us escape from the village. For several days, we were afraid to return. However, after several days we heard that the village would be more welcoming to our message, and we returned. As we began preaching again, about 30 persons accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and desired to be baptized as soon as possible! We praise God for His faithfulness and mighty power.