April 15, 2009


“My name is Delia and I am 57 years old. All of my life I’ve faced problems and thought everything was against me. I felt very depressed about life and was a negative person. All of this negatively affected my marriage to the point of destroying it. My wife and I separated, even though we had eight children. I was in a financial mess and often thought about suicide, or moving far away with the intent of abandoning my family. Yet, I vividly remember one day some people came to my house to visit with us and invite us to see a movie. The JESUS Film really impacted me and I knew that I needed God in my life. However, I was too proud and stubborn to believe in Christ. Little by little I began to attend small group meetings and even hosted some in my home. 

I’m not sure exactly how it all happened, but I ended up accepting the Lord after one year. My life had a complete turn around. I often think about how stupid I was to hold out so long. Now I feel clean, forgiven, and have a newfound joy and determination to be with my children. I have finally realized our God is great and merciful. He is everything to me. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”