February 14, 2014


In December, a team from Lowershire, Malawi went to Mankhokwe 2 Village in Nsanje district in order to fulfill the great commission through JESUS film evangelism.

It was our first time to visit this village and our first time with new portable JESUS film equipment. The film is well translated and has a complete Bible story from Genesis up to the New Testament which is Jesus Christ himself. It starts by giving a introduction of what people will see and tells them that the film is just like a drama. Someone will represent himself like Jesus, but he is not Jesus for no one on earth can do works such as what Jesus did. He is just teaching us to know and understand better what Jesus was doing on earth during his ministry.

After the showing, people requested to be baptized and we could not do anything but respond and do what the Lord Jesus commanded us to do. Go ye and baptize! (Matt 28:19). Twenty-four people were baptized after confessing their sins and some training about what the Bible teaches about baptism. Then Holy Communion was administered to them and other believers. We registered their names to our new church that we planted.

May God bless these people who designed this backpack JESUS film tool which is very effective in the ministry!

Written by Rev. Gershom Kwerakwera
Out of Africa newsletter
January 2014