Discipled in South America


July 01, 2009

Manuel gave his whole life to the Lord. He attended a showing of the JESUS Film where team members told him about God’s love. He was invited to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Manuel now attends discipleship classes and is part of a church fellowship.


Jesus Lays Claim to My Life


- Nicaragua
June 24, 2009

“My name is Matías. I am 24 years old and a member of the national police. Eight months ago I found out I had Leukemia, and I am now being treated with chemotherapy. In all honesty, I have not been feeling well, but since I received Christ as my Savior, I know that I am already improving. Jesus lays claim to my life and even though the doctor told me that my condition is serious, I know God can heal if He desires.

Protest with a Stick


June 17, 2009

We were setting up to show the JESUS Film in a village. The people were agreeable but one man was shouting at us with bad language. He came toward us with a stick to beat us. Some of the people stopped him. When the situation calmed down, we were able to start the film show. The people watched with intensity. Some were crying when the soldiers hung Jesus on the cross. After watching, several people came forward and asked questions. We were able to pray with the sick and bring many to a personal relationship with Christ.

The People Stood Up for Jesus


Namibia (Africa)
June 10, 2009

 It was exciting to see ten people stand up and give their lives to Jesus! After seeing Jesus call His disciples in the film, the people stood to accept Christ. The people testified, “He is praying for us day and night, we must receive Him today and follow Him as King of Kings.” The people all joined the local church and are serving Jesus.


Jesus Speaks Ewe


July 08, 2009

As the JESUS Film played, the people were amazed. The people started shouting say “Jesus is speaking Ewe!” Ewe is a local language of people in the Southern part of Togo, Africa. The crowd was moved by the experience.


Praying for a Neighbor


June 03, 2009

Pastor Myrna was praying for a neighbor lady for two years. This lady accepted an invitation to attend the local JESUS Film showing. After the showing, she accepted Jesus in her heart and gave her testimony. She continues to be part of the church. Pastor Myrna’s prayers and the JESUS Film worked together to bring this lady to a personal relationship with Christ.

Father and Daughter Know the Lord


May 27, 2009

Ramiro owns a small snack place in the city park where we showed the JESUS Film. Even though Ramiro did not feel well, he watched the film. Through the JESUS Film, God touched his heart and he realized that Christ died for him. After the JESUS Film, he prayed to accept Christ as his Savior. He was glad he stayed to watch the film. The cell group leader visited Ramiro a week after the presentation and Ramiro is continuing in the ways of the Lord. Ramiro’s daughter Maria is also a believer now.

Other Religions See JESUS


May 20, 2009

We worked with Akter to show the JESUS Film in his village. After the film began, a few members of another religion came and said, ’Who is showing this film? Stop this film show right now. If you do not stop it, we will break the projector and screen.’ Then we stopped the film. Akter talked with the group and told them that the film is not bad, it is a life story of a prophet. This religion also has prophets. We told them that our film is very good film and we can learn many good things from the film.

I Felt the Presence of God


Dominican Republic
May 13, 2009

My name is Rafaela. As I watched the JESUS Film, I felt a rush of heat and a rush of coolness pass through my body!  It is hard for me to explain but I felt the presence of God! I give thanks to God for the sacrifice of Jesus, who by His love saved me. My prayer is that all my family will also know Jesus.

Cooked Bananas and Fellowship


May 06, 2009

Dumas prepared cooked bananas for our snack as we watched the JESUS Film in her living room. She invited her friends to her home. We enjoyed wonderful fellowship. It was fantastic to share the gospel in this kind of setting. This is one of the creative ways we are seeking to grow the church in the Philippines. We are using many evangelism tools to reach the community.