I Am Never Alone


February 02, 2009

I am very thankful for the JESUS Film ministry.  Through it, God has touched me, and filled my heart with love. I have a child who is trapped in the world of the drugs. I felt that there was no hope for my family, because no one understood or cared about our problem.  But the JESUS Film impacted my life.  I now understand that I am never alone and that God cares about all the cares and concerns in my life. I am happy because I know that God loves me and is interested in my family and in me. Thanks to God for always being with me.

It Touched My Spirit


January 13, 2009

I am a primary school teacher. I was leaving my school at around 4:00 p.m. one day when I heard gospel music in the distance. I decided to follow the sound on my way home to see what was happening. I found that a large group of people was gathering to watch the JESUS Film. I decided to stay and watch film with the others. It touched my spirit and impacted my life forever.  When the alter call was made, I knew I wanted to accept Christ in my life. Now I testify that I am born again in Christ.


He Has Peace


January 09, 2009

Fernando is a 14 year old boy, with normal teenage problems. His heart was filled will resentment and bitterness against a father who had abandoned him when he was little. His behavior and the way he spoke showed how rebellious and aggressive he was to everyone he knew. He was invited to see the JESUS Film and on that day he accepted Jesus into his heart to be his personal Savior. His live was changed immediately.

How Could He Forgive?


December 10, 2008

A 30 year old man shares that he was a bad person.  He did not go to church or care about other people.  One day I heard that the JESUS Film Team was planning to come to our village.  Many people were very excited to see the film, but I did not care about it.  When the team set the film up, I came to watch with everyone else.  I was not really interested in it, but when I saw Jesus forgiving the people who hung Him on the cross, I was touched.  I could not understand how Jesus could forgive the people who made Him suffer so much.  I realized th

JESUS Fills The Void


December 03, 2008

The JESUS Film was a great blessing to me.  I was going through a very difficult time in my life, but after watching the film I felt that the void in my life was filled.  I made the decision to accept Jesus into my heart and my life.  Now I am a new creation.                          

Without A Doubt


November 24, 2008

Mr. Moreno was invited to watch the JESUS Film.  He felt something very special happen in his heart while watching. He shared that through seeing how Jesus suffered for all of us, he was  able to understand the message of eternal life that Jesus offers.  At the moment of invitation he came forward.  Now he testifies that without a doubt he has been changed. He chooses to obey God and to move forward in his new life in Christ.           


No Longer Alone


November 10, 2008

Jeremiah shared, “I rarely associate with people. I have always been a loner. Still, when I recently heard people talking about a JESUS Film showing, I decided to join the group and watch. I saw how Jesus called Mathew to be his follower, and I was impressed how Mathew obeyed the call; he left everything and followed Christ without even asking anyone to watch his work. I also noticed that Jesus’ disciples followed him everywhere he went without questioning.

Neighborhood Changed


November 05, 2008

The church has been working in a nearby neighborhood with the JESUS Film. At a showing, a couple approached us and volunteered to help with our evangelistic efforts in this neighborhood which was overrun with drugs, alcohol, and other vices. We started with several showings of the JESUS Film.  Many who came to Christ joined in the ministry through their personal testimony of the life of drugs and vice that they had given up for Jesus. The neighborhood has been changed and now there are regular preaching services and children's serv

Tremendous Change


October 30, 2008

There was a boy, around 13 years old, who we often encountered at the bus stop. He had dropped out of school and was smoking, gambling and drinking. He was no longer living at home and his parents were very worried about him. One night when I was preparing to sleep, I couldn’t get the boy’s picture out of my head.  I decided to speak with him the next day. I invited him to see the JESUS Film and to know about Christ, and he agreed! After the show I told him more about the love, mercy and gospel of Christ.