August 19, 2014


From 1998 to 2014, Kiatine church has planted 30 churches and four zones: Kiatine zone, Kithyoko zone, Kangundo zone and Tana River zone. The Kithyoko zone has planted 8 churches since I planted this church two years ago. Kangundo zone is a new area where we are starting the movement of planting churches. Tana River has underground churches. I am happy with the Kiatine church because this church is forcing missions and leading with church planting and making Christ-like disciples in Kenya Eastern District. We will keep on moving with planting churches.

We went on a mission in Muthebwa market. For three days, we did a house-to-house evangelism crusade and showed the JESUS film.There were 550 evangelistic contacts and 36 decisions for Christ. We planted a new church in the Kithyoko zone the first week of August with 27 members. Samuel Testimony is the assigned leader.

Ndoo Yoko, a man who is nearly 100 years old, never believed about Jesus. He was a traditional man. Actually he believed in traditions, but not God. The people from Muthebwa community were so happy to see this man watching the JESUS film and then give his life to Jesus Christ. When Ndoo came to church he said, "I was to die and failed to know Jesus, but now I will die in Christ who has saved me."

Pray for us, we are going to plant another new church.

Written by D.S. Augustus Musili
Out of Africa newsletter
August 2014