August 19, 2014


I would like to share what the Lord is doing in my District -the Malawi Lowershire. The Nsanje Church recently conducted a two-day revival meeting. This church is at the distance of 1.5 kms to Nsanje Port which is very close to Mozambique border.

The first day, it was conducted outside the church building from 16:00pm-22:00pm. The guest preacher was Reverend Wellington Obotte from Kenya who is also the Evangelism and Church Growth coordinator for Africa Central Field. He preached about the "Beginning of Everything" from the book of Genesis chapters 1-3. On this day during the altar call, 83 people gave their lives to Jesus and we were all satisfied that mass evangelism is still effective.

After the confession prayer, which I led as the district superintendent, it was the time for the JESUS film. More than 400 people attended this revival meeting and had an opportunity to watch this inspirational film.

On the next day, which was Sunday, the church was fully packed. Some did not find space to sit, so they stood while listening to powerful preaching of the message of God by the servant of God with the theme: A Person Called a Nazarene!

After this message, 43 people came to the altar for special prayers. This was the first time that the missionary and his wife came to this area for the sake of the call of Jesus Christ.

Written by D.S. Gershom Kwerakwera
Out of Africa newsletter
August 2014