"A team of 12 individuals sponsored by Chicago Heights Church delivered four sets of JESUS Film equipment to India. We encountered questions on two of the four units in India customs in Mumbai.

First unit questioned was a backpack. The agent was told that the equipment would be used to show educational videos. Initially, our team member was told he would have to pay a 33% duty. The form letter supplied by Harvest Partners satisfied the customs officer.

The second unit was in a suitcase and was selected for additional screening after going through a scanner along with one other piece of luggage. This piece of luggage contained craft items for children's outreach in India. The officer questioned me about the equipment and I told him that it would be used for educational purposes. I then showed him the Harvest Partners letter and he inquired as to what is Harvest Partners and I told him it was the organization that produced the equipment. At the same time, he opened the other piece of luggage and, fortunately, it was one of five filled with children's outreach materials. He saw crayons, pencils, and paper products. I believe that sealed the deal in supporting my information about educational intent. We were then allowed to exit the airport.

The next day we visited a CDC (Child Development Center) and distributed JESUS Film bracelets to almost 100 children. Also visited the Nazarene church in that city and met with the person who has the responsibility for JESUS Film outreach in India.

We then traveled to another city to distribute the four JESUS Film equipment sets and the five suitcases filled with the children's materials, including 35 evangelism soccer balls. While there, we worked in a hospital painting an operating room and a scrub room while a doctor and two nurses on our team did medical outreach. We visited two more CDCs and shared Bible stories with the children.

We attended two JESUS Film showings in villages in the vicinity of the hospital. The first was to a village where the Film had previously been shown. About half way through the film, we were instructed to quietly leave. The second showing was in a village where the people had not before seen JESUS and the response was great! At least, half of the attendees raised their hands indicating they wanted to know about Jesus. The indigenous team leaders passed out New Testaments to most of the attendees.

At the end of the trip, we had some time for tourist things in and around New Delhi.

This is a brief report on the team's activities while we were in India."

Ken Silvers - Chicago Heights Church