"The Blessings that have come out of this trip have been many. I could write a ten- page report or more on this subject alone. Our mission trip was not a life changer it was a life enhancer! Our young man Sal, look directly into my eyes and said, "You leave with many friends." What an awesome moment, to know that I had touched other lives, through my Love for Christ. He did not know it, but they touched and blessed my life even more. I left with turmoil in my heart and in my mind. How could I go back to my life with what I had seen and felt upon my soul? I kept asking God what I should do and finally he whispered, ?GO back to the life that I have CHOSEN for YOU! I felt peace and once again Praised the Lord for being in my life and for the journey that he is leading me on. Amen!" – Shared by Cindy, Keokuk Church of the Nazarene