"We had an amazing trip!" said Ben Roat. "Everyone remained healthy through the trip and was able to participate in the three Vacation Bible School events, three JESUS Film presentations, and construction assignments: painting a community center, painting a school building, and sledge hammering an old foundation to make way for the new church.

We showed the JESUS Film three times. One night the showing was for 40 people at the local community center. We witnessed 4 people accept Christ, including our bus driver who the pastors had been praying for to become a believer! We showed the second presentation at the local school. We had approximately 400 people in attendance, including the high school student body. We did not have anyone come forward, but we are confident seeds were planted for the future. The final showing was in a soccer field. We set up the screen to face a busy street corner. We had 11 people stop on the sidewalk and watch the whole film. Six of these 11 accepted Christ and spoke with the district superintendent about attending church.

The trip was a huge blessing for the team. We were humbled to share in the local church movement and look forward to one day attending a service in the new church building in San Isidro de Upala."