Portland First Church of the Nazarene "caught the vision" of providing JESUS Film equipment for El Salvador. They provided one set in August 2003, and are returning to complete 2 more sets in August 2004. The following is taken from a missions report by the trip members:

Results in El Salvador:
1. Average attendance at each JESUS Film showing was 80+. Many prayed the prayer of salvation after each showing.
2. Local leaders reported that sufficient momentum was established from the JESUS Film showings to start three new mission churches. 
3. Daily devotionals with our group and with the trip hosts/missionaries, were times anointed by the Holy Spirit. We grew tremendously from these times of sharing and hearing from the Lord. 
4. We feel like we now have wonderful friendships with our missionaries and the other ministers in El Salvador that we were able to meet and worship with. 
5. We left the JESUS Film equipment in good hands. They were very proficient and effective in its use. The gospel message and the call to respond was wonderfully conveyed to each community we visited.