The Shawnee, KS Church of the Nazarene team leader confessed that she was initially nervous about the evangelism focus of the trip. But she confirmed that they had a good trip: "We enjoyed showing the film and taking equipment. We encouraged the church missions that we worked with. It was a spiritually difficult trip. Satan fought us the whole time. I wasn't prepared for that. Prayer is really important. Devotions were necessary every day.

"We walked around city using translators with the EvangeCube. If you are using the EvangeCube for personal evangelism during the day, be personal about it. It comes with a script which is helpful to know, but tell the story like it is your story. Say 'Can I tell you a story about me? This is my relationship with God before. I was separated from Him...' Share how you came to Christ and what he did for you. At the end, say 'The best thing of all is that Christ came to forgive your sins too' and walk through the Cube again. They are more willing to listen."