"Our team consisted of 10 people who were divided into two teams that ministered in different villages. God's hand of protection was upon all of us as we traveled throughout the country safely. We felt blessed to be able to bring new equipment to a local team that really needed it. Having two teams really made it fun when we came back together, after a week spent in two separate areas of Ukraine, to share all the great things that happened to one team or the other. The Ukrainian people are very guarded when you first encounter them, they really didn't know what to think about us "Americans", but once we started to get to know them we found them very warm and loving. They love to laugh and God used us to bring a little joy to their world. In a country that has been deprived of God and His goodness for so many years because of communism, we found people who seemed to have a lack of hope. Showing the JESUS Film to them opened their eyes and their hearts. The film, along with our personal testimonies, showed them that there is hope, joy, and love to be found in Jesus!

"We would go into a village in the early evening and set up our equipment in the village community center. Then we would start with worship and some fun games for the kids. Our audience was mainly women and children. We had some teens and just a few men. We would have a time of testimonies before the movie began. The people have been promised a lot through the years, and a lot of those promises have been broken. So just promising them a future spent in heaven really didnt make much of an impact. They were more interested in the here and now, so the team needed to clearly show them the great power Jesus has to make positive changes in our lives today, and what happiness we have knowing Jesus as our personal Savior.