HIV HopeCube

HIV HopeCube

Offer HOPE in desperation. The re-designed HIV HopeCube is a unique, interactive resource to educate and inform people on the causes, prevention, and treatment of HIV and AIDS, as well as ways to provide comfort and support to those already afflicted with the disease. HIV HopeCube unfolds to reveal vivid images that simply and clearly "tell the story", revealing important facts that help anyone identify and understand how they can protect themselves and others against HIV and AIDS.

JESUS Film teams are at work around the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition to showing the film, the teams often use EvangeCubes for personal evangelism.  A supply of EvangeCubes is included with the film equipment that is delivered to each team.  In addition to those Cubes, the HIV HopeCubes will now be part of the equipment they receive.  Be a part of building a foundation of hope for the hopeless. Learn to show them the true love of Jesus that does not judge or condemn.

Using the universal language of pictures, you can share the truth and build a foundation of hope for the can represent the love of Jesus Christ in a practical way that opens wide the door to knowing God personally.

HIV HopeCube Resources:

  1. To order the HIV HopeCube go to or call 1-888-354-9411.
  2. View the HIV HopeCube Insert (PDF, 640KB)