This testimony was received from one of the missionaries: "One man who worked at the factory as a mechanical engineer came to all three showings. As a professional we were surprised that he came to an outdoor showing. On the second night this man prayed with Pastor Wafula and gave his heart to Christ. He had been a Hindu but came to 'believe that Jesus was the only way.' Pastor Wafula is the one on the far right of the photo and the light complected man is the engineer."

Vicky, one of the trip members shared this: "I have learned much about faith in witnessing, and using the EvangeCube to keep the focus on the Salvation message. I pray that the Lord will grow me and use me wherever I am. After watching the EvangeCube presentation a few times, the children knew it better than we did (I am especially thinking of a boy - maybe 10 or 11 yrs old named 'Simon Peter')!

"During the film it got quite cold at night. Most were barefoot and not dressed for warmth. Most stood during the entire film, shifting from side to side, shivering, but stayed. My heart goes out to them, and the local church leaders, and the Lord humbles me. Nearly all prayed at the end of the film although not all came forward to meet with church leaders and workers. I never really heard the numbers each night - I know that they are necessary for accountability - but the Lord knows. One man rode a bike in (he said it took a few hours to get there) - maybe nice during the day, but that night he had to ride it back home, alone and late and cold (and not safe). Another (Jeremiah) walked 20 miles to be there. I don't know how/when he got home. We take so much for granted."