JESUS Film Bible Study

JESUS Film Bible Study

This Bible study works in conjunction with the JESUS Film. The purpose of this study is to communicate more effectively to members of a small group the basic events in the life of Jesus Christ. Along with learning about the life of Christ, this study will help apply the teachings of Christ in day-to-day life.

This study was designed to be taught in eleven to thirteen lessons each lasting 45 to 60 minutes. Initially aimed at a 9th grade level, the lessons have also been successfully used by college students and adults.

The study guide includes:

  • Leader's notes
  • Lesson summaries
  • Ideas on how to lead a successful small group
  • Lesson objectives
  • Scripture memory verses that relate to the lesson
  • Group discussion questions
  • And much more

The JESUS Film should be shown during the first lesson in its entirety. This will give the group an opportunity to see a complete overview of the life of Jesus before beginning a more in-depth study. The scenes in the film that relate to each lesson are shown separately so they can be discussed in length. The study was written to work with any English version of the JESUS Film.

The JESUS Film Bible Study could be used in Sunday school, weekly discussion groups, Christian schools, new believers class at church, or home study groups. It is easy to understand, fun to teach, and combines visual tools with group interaction to help grasp the understanding of Christ's teachings and how to apply them to life situations.

Spiral Bound Book, 114 Pages

JESUS Film Bible Study Ordering Info:

  1. To order the JESUS Film Bible Study by phone you may also call Campus Crusade for Christ New Life Resources at 1-800-827-2788 Mon-Fri 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. EST