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Cheryl Crouch
NMI President
West Texas District
Church of the Nazarene
(940) 565-8051

The West Texas District Nazarene Missions International hosted a JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) fund-raising dinner as part of their district convention. It resulted in $20,456 raised to help share God's love with the lost. Based on historic JFHP averages, this will help 6818 people become new believers in Christ, facilitate 2045 discipleship follow-ups, and help start 200 preaching points. Cheryl Crouch provided the following answers based on her experience. 

Why did you want to have a JESUS Film dinner as part of your NMI Convention?

Several members of our district NMI Council attended the JESUS Film dinner in Indianapolis before the General NMI Convention. They enjoyed it immensely and dreamed of sharing the experience with our entire district during our convention. Since I had also attended a dinner, I knew it would be a positive experience for the people of West Texas.

Who attended the dinner?

Pastors, NMI Presidents and lay leaders from across the district attended the dinner. We sold out at 300 tickets.

How were attendees invited?

We included information about the dinner along with a registration sheet in our end-of-year mailing to each church.

How was the meal cost covered?

Each attendee paid $13 for the meal, which just covered the cost. We also let everyone know there would be an opportunity to give to JESUS Film during the banquet.

How did hosting this event impact the time you normally spend in preparing for your convention?

Since we usually have an awards banquet during our convention, there was no extra time or work involved other than moving our awards presentations to the plenary session.

What feedback did you get from your council members?

The council members were thrilled with the banquet.

What feedback did you get from your dinner attendees?

Everyone loved it! Feedback was 100% positive.

What worked well?

The JESUS Film team treated our tight convention schedule with absolute respect, which meant so much to those of us who planned the convention. Brian Helstrom is an outstanding speaker and had no trouble commanding attention even though people were eating and seated in groups at tables. I appreciated the fact that Brian reminded attendees of the importance of giving to the World Evangelism Fund and shared many examples of how respected the Church of the Nazarene is in ministry circles.

What would you do differently?

Ask the JESUS Film to come years ago instead of waiting so long.

Do you consider the dinner a good event for your convention?

The dinner was an absolute highlight. The only downside is that we have now set the bar incredibly high for future conventions.

Would you recommend other district hosts a JESUS Film Harvest Partners Challenge dinner?

I strongly recommend districts host a JESUS Film Harvest Partners Challenge dinner.

For information or to schedule a dinner, contact Diane Robbins at 913-663-5700 ext. 104 or