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Pastor Kenneth Ring
Living Faith Community Church of the Nazarene
6718 S. 83rd Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68127


Caroline Clark, NMI President




This church wanted to partner with missions and make a difference in the lives of those who don't yet know Jesus. 

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Living Faith Giving Increases by 73%
Omaha, NE

"Our tithe giving has increased by 73% in just four months," said Kenneth Ring pastor of Omaha Living Faith Church of the Nazarene. Despite being a small church, this is a significant increase! The catalyst was to look beyond our local church. An idea was planted to reach outside our church walls when I heard Dr. Jim Diehl share about one of his pastorates. He talked about the blessings his churched experienced when they began to give outside the walls of their building. I was inspired. It was our desire to partner with missions and make a difference in the lives of those who don't know Jesus.

Our NMI President, Caroline Clark, was already passionate about the JESUS Film, so we began a promotion to raise money to send a solar-powered backpack to the field. We thought it would take up to a year to raise enough money. But in less than four months, we had over $4000; more than enough to fund a backpack.

We placed a small pack in front of the sanctuary. As part of our Sunday worship, we invited the congregation to make a faith walk to the front of the church to drop their offering into the backpack. This was a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about giving. Each week they were excited to see the amount raised increase. The children are encouraging the adults to attend church because they don't want to miss their opportunity to put their gift in the backpack.

The large poster board thermometer on the stage updated our progress. After some time, we realized the regular tithe was increasing as well! When we began, our attendance was 45-50; now it is as high as 80! We praise God for His moving in our church body! God has blessed us and I believe it is because we are looking outside our four walls.

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