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Mr. Kelly Griffith, Pastor
District NMI Children's Mission Coordinator

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JESUS on the Hillside









The day was filled with wild boar, Twinkies falling from the sky, and children accepting a personal relationship with Jesus. Kelly Griffith, Southwest Oklahoma District Children's Mission Coordinator, organized a special day for the children featuring the JESUS Film. The children arrived at McKinley Ranch on Saturday, April 10, 2010 by 1:00p.m. for registration in the barn. By 1:30p.m., the children were greeting the missionaries on the tarmac as they arrived in a small airplane. Sid Emmert, a local pilot, provided the air transportation. The children held up signs and welcomed the special guests. Next on the agenda was to watch portions of the JESUS Film. The children were transported a short distance in a cattle car to the remote ranch location where the film was to be shown. Griffith arranged for a large tent to be set on a hill side near two ponds. The tent was set up with equipment for the showing. The children watched excerpts of the 63 minute Story of JESUS for Children and then hiked off to learning stations.

The learning stations featured other tools used by JESUS Film teams around the world to share God's love with the lost. Each station was manned by a volunteer who explained the tool to the children.

  • The Proclaimer station featured a digital player with an audio dramatization of the New Testament, to spread God's Word to the world's pre-literate population in their heart language. It can be used in remote areas for small groups or crowds up to 200 people. More information on the Proclaimer can be found here.
  • The evangelism soccer ball station featured the multi-color soccer ball used to convey the gospel message. At this station, they learned what each color symbolized and played a quick game of soccer. More information on the Evangelism ball can be found here.
  • The EvangeCube was also highlighted. This tool is used to easily and clearly unfold the message of God's love. At this station, the children were given an opportunity to pray the prayer of salvation. The children's hearts were open and several became new believers in Christ. Follow this link for more information on the EvangeCube.

Late afternoon was filled with excitement. A highlight of the day was the return of Emmert in a small aircraft dropping Twinkies from the plane as the afternoon snack. The children also heard the missionary speak about how God is using the JESUS Film around the world to reach the lost. Things wrapped up in the barn with a party, door prizes, and wild boar served as the main course.

To have your own JESUS Film mission day, all you need is the JESUS Film, a DVD player, a projector, and a screen. For the screen, you can use a bed sheet, the side of a building, or a folding screen; you are only limited by your imagination. The learning station items can be purchased online through the website links referenced. To purchase a copy of the JESUS Film, go to here.