DIY Frequently Asked Questions

  • The JESUS film can be viewed in any of the 1,600+ available languages through The Jesus Film Project app. This app is available for iOS and Android. 
  • The film can be viewed and downloaded on The Jesus Film Project’s website.
  • DVD copies of the film can be purchased at The Jesus Film Project store or by calling 1-800-432-1997.
To get started, all you need is the JESUS film, a DVD player, a projector, and a screen. For the screen, you can use a bed sheet, the side of a building, or a folding screen; you are only limited by your imagination.
The majority of our equipment is purchased through Campus Crusade for Christ, call 1-407-826-2300. Here is a complete list of vendors (PDF, 59KB)
Here is the link to the complete equipment set-up instructions used on the field: Setup and Maintenance 2007-Fender (PDF, 1.2MB)
JFHP does not sell equipment. However, just as the ministry provides sets of equipment for JESUS Film teams on the field, it will also provide a set of equipment to your local church for ministry purposes. The cost of a full equipment set for a USA/Canada church is the same as it is for the field--$6,000, a solar-powered backpack is $4,000 and a mini solar set is $2,000.
Contact us at 913-663-5700 for additional information.
Though we are not able to physically be there to help you with a showing, we would be happy to help point you in the right direction as best as we can if you contact us. Although it would be great to be with you, we have found the best person to serve in your local community is YOU.
There are many individuals and groups who have come up with creative ways to share the gospel through the use of the JESUS Film. Several people have graciously provided their contact information and a brief summary of their successes. You are welcome to contact them. - (Success Stories)
Yes, there are several evangelistic tools that nicely compliment the JESUS film—the EvangeCube, and evangelism balls (soccer, basketball, volleyball). Each tool provides a simple way to share the gospel.
Yes. You can use the following questions to determine how open the person is and how far along he/she is in accepting Jesus. If he/she prayed the prayer, then move to disciple-making (click on Follow-Up & Discipleship for more information). Your goal is to move the person toward whatever process your church has for personally discipling new believers.

For each of the questions below, the answers may vary: "yes," "no," or "I don't know." The idea is to follow each question and answer with different questions - all designed to lead the individual to make a decision for Christ.
  1. Were you able to watch the film?
    "Yes", move to #2. "No", may I come back in 2 weeks and ask again?

  2. Did anybody watch it with you?
    "Yes," ask who (so you can follow up with them too). "No," go to #3.

  3. What was your favorite part of the film?
    This question is intended to help them review the film in their minds. You are also trying to see if they have any unanswered questions. Respond to their questions/comments.

  4. Did you notice there was a prayer at the end?
    "Yes," go to #5. "No," tell them prayer is one way we connect with the God of the film personally. If they say, "yes, but I did not know if it would work," you have an opportunity to tell them prayer does work and ask if they would like to pray at that moment.

  5. Did you say a prayer?
    "Yes," ask them their understanding of what they did. "No," ask if they have any questions; then ask if they would like to pray at that moment.

  6. Would you like more (fill in the blank)?
    Depending on where they are in the salvation process, you can ask if they would like more information. If they express interest in joining you in a basic discipleship study or Bible study so they can learn more and grow, show them where they can begin. (click on Follow-Up & Discipleship for a few ideas.)
We would love to see the same level of commitment in USA & Canada as we see through the JESUS Film teams around the world. You are welcome to create a JESUS Film team with the understanding that all funding, support, and direction would come from your local church or district. JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) would continue to be a resource to help fill any gaps.
JFHP would appreciate hearing about you're work in the number of presentations, number of people attending, number accepting Christ as their personal Savior, number of people participating in follow-up discipleship or church attendance.
There are currently three versions of the JESUS Film:
  • The JESUS Film - Classic (94 minutes)
  • The Story of JESUS for Children (62 minutes) a child's perspective
  • Magdalena - Through Her Eyes (60 minutes) a woman's perspective
Here are a few examples:
  • English as a Second Language class (ESL Windows to the World curriculum)
  • Women's Shelter (Magdalena DVD)
  • Retirement Center (Children's Version of the JESUS film)
  • Christian Schools (Children's Version of the JESUS film)
  • Church school chapel (portions of the Children's Version of the JESUS film)
  • Ladies' Bible Study (Magdalena: Reflections of Hope - a Bible study format)
Several PowerPoint presentations are available on this website and videos can be found at the Nazarene Media Library by searching “JESUS film”.

If you have further questions, please contact us.