Preparing the Congregation

Developing relationships in the community and reaching people for Christ requires a major commitment from volunteers in the congregation. The following steps can help prepare congregations:

  1. Begin With Much Prayer
  2. Sharing the Vision of the Need
  3. Explaining the Program
  4. Recruiting Volunteers
  5. Training the Workers


1: Prayer


  1. Prayer is the key to finding and obeying God's will as a congregation.
  2. What seems like an impossible task can become a reality with prayer.
  3. Pray that God will give a vision and burden of the lost to your church.
  4. Pray that God will convict the hearts of the people in the community.
  5. Pray that God will guide in the selection of a strategy that will give long-term results in the community.


2: Sharing the Vision


  1. Sharing the vision of the lost involves a process in which the pastor must lead the congregation to the awareness that everyone needs the Savior.
  2. A congregation will not engage in evangelism until it recognizes the great need.
  3. Preparation may take many weeks in order to bring the congregation to the point of readiness to fulfill the Great Commission.


3: Explaining the Program


  1. Show the JESUS Video to the congregation. This will help them understand the spiritual impact of the video.
  2. Give successful examples of churches that have used the JESUS Video to reach their communities.


4: Recruiting Volunteers


  1. Preach a message on the needed commitment of each member to fulfill the Great Commission.
  2. Pass out commitment cards* (see below for text possibilities) to the congregation and collect them after they have had time to fill them out.
  3. Announce a meeting time for all who would are interested in participating.

JESUS Film Video Commitment Card

Print version of this card (PDF, 801KB)



5: Training the Workers


  1. It may be good to set weekly meetings at a convenient time to meet with all of the volunteers for JESUS Video evangelism. Keep the same time each week.
  2. Use the training hour for information and inspiration about the evangelistic effort.
  3. All aspects of the strategy should be learned and rehearsed.