Follow-Up & Discipleship

Follow-up is the most important part of the evangelistic effort. Lack of follow-up will probably be the cause if a project fails to bring new people to the church. Follow-up is the contact of the church through a volunteer to help the new Christian grow in their faith:

  1. First Visit After the JESUS Video
  2. Beginning "Basic Bible Studies"
  3. Developing a Mentoring Relationship
  4. Spiritual Development


1: First Visit After the JESUS Video

  1. The volunteer must be trained and prepared to visit the person with confidence and ease.
  2. If the video was delivered in person, the same person should do the follow-up visit.
  3. The visit should begin with casual conversation.
  4. The volunteer should ask if the person enjoyed the video and has any questions about the film.
  5. Next the volunteer should ask if they prayed the prayer at the end of the video.
  6. If someone did pray after the video, the volunteer should leave a copy of the Gospel of St. Luke or other follow-up material.
  7. The volunteer should set a time to visit the new Christian the following week.


2: Beginning "Basic Bible Studies"

  1. The week after the volunteer leaves the initial follow-up literature, the volunteer should take the first of a series of Bible lessons to the new Christian.
  2. A good example is the series for new Christians designed by Chic Shaver called "Basic Bible Studies."
  3. These studies may be purchased from the Nazarene Publishing House at their website or by phone 1-800-877-0700.
  4. The Lesson One should be introduced and started.
  5. After about a third of the questions, the volunteer can ask the new Christian to work on the other answers during the next week.
  6. Set a time to review Lesson One the next week


3: Developing a Mentoring Relationship

  1. Each week the volunteer will take a new lesson in the series "Basic Bible Studies."
  2. The volunteer should not be pushy or nosey, but should attempt to help the new Christian as the needs and subjects arise.
  3. The volunteer should instruct the new Christian to read the Bible daily beginning in St. Luke, keep a spiritual journal, and attend a home group Bible study of the church.
  4. After a few weeks in the group Bible study and having confidence in the people of the group, the new Christian will be ready to attend worship service.


4: Spiritual Development

  1. By this time the new Christian will have completed all of the 8 "Basic Bible Studies" in their home with the mentor, attended weekly home group Bible study for a few weeks, and is also attending worship services at the church.
  2. The mentor should consult with the new Christian to find a good daily Bible study method to follow the "Basic Bible Studies."
  3. The new Christian should also be given a chance to become part of the JESUS Film Evangelistic effort. 
  4. New Christians have the greatest potential of winning people to Christ during their first six months, because of their contacts with their friends who do not know Christ.