Frequently Asked Ministry Trips Questions

Return on investment (ROI) - You will be investing your time, money, and energy in one of the most effective evangelistic ministries the earth has seen. On average, the equivalent of one (1) person makes a decision to follow Christ every 48 seconds. The equipment you fund and deliver will help thousands of people see JESUS!
A ministry trip is self-led by your local church, small group, class, or business. It is comprised of 7-10 people who join together to fund and deliver equipment directly to a JESUS Film team of nationals who are committed to reaching their country for Christ. Trips include working hand-in-hand with a JESUS Film team on the field and may include helping with a JESUS film showing, equipment set up, handing out invitations, praying during the show, outreach, Vacation Bible School, compassionate ministries, etc. Activities and needs vary by country.
JFHP comes alongside each region to help them implement their strategies. The destinations needing equipment are determined by the field and their strategy of work in specific areas.
The project cost is $4000 - $6000 for JESUS Film equipment. Field expenses for food, lodging and transportation will average $50-$75 per person per day; plus air travel to the country.
You will be a resource provider to a team of nationals who use the equipment to share God's love in their own language and culture. You may help set up the equipment for a show, hand out invitations, pray with new believers, coordinate a Vacation Bible School, and participate in a work project. Each country will have different needs. You will confirm special activities with the field contact person in advance.
Since one of the key elements of a trip is to get needed equipment to the field, anyone who can travel and is willing to help transport equipment is a good candidate. Teams can select a destination based on the physical abilities of the group such as an adventurous trek up the Amazon River for a group of energetic travelers. Others with physical limitations can go to a destination where JESUS Film work is occurring in the city.
You can research the best weather conditions for a specific country on the internet. Most regions prefer to host teams when the weather will not create challenges.
If not, you might be right for a JFHP Ministry Trip.

10 Steps of a JESUS Film Harvest Partners Ministry Trip

  1. Decide to go on a JFHP Ministry Trip and get more information on this website.
  2. Select a destination and confirm the trip with the JFHP office at 913-663-5700 x327
  3. Recruit others to be part of the team
  4. Contact the field to confirm details - JFHP staff will give you the appropriate field contact person
  5. Raise funds and pray for the trip and those who will meet Christ through the resources you provide
  6. Send $6,000 to JFHP for equipment set at least 3 months before departure
  7. Receive equipment and test it (You can hold your own JESUS film show)
  8. Give each team member a portion of the equipment set to check with their luggage.
  9. Arrive at the destination and meet the JESUS Film Harvest Partners team.
  10. Upon your return share your stories and photos with the JFHP office via

If you have further questions, please contact us.