Ambassadors are a growing group of people who are excited about the amazing ministry of JESUS Film Harvest Partners both here and around the world. We want to connect you with
each other as soon as possible so you can partner to do more together in your ministry.

The Ambassador Areas map below shows the boundary lines for the 34 Areas in the USA and Canada. Please find your Area and the name on the side legend.

Ambassadors Area Map

Click Image to Enlarge. [ Download Area Map as a PDF ]

Each Area has an Area Ambassador who coordinates all Ambassador ministry there. Every Area will comprise at least one district, and often several. As you may have already figured out, we have District Ambassadors coordinating the work in these Districts. You are directly accountable to your District Ambassador. That means you can contact the District Ambassador anytime you need or have information, advice, ideas, questions, reports, new Ambassadors you've recruited, resources, or prayer requests.

Ambassador Job Description Summary

We'd like you to see a brief explanation of what we are looking for and what is required of you as a JESUS Film Ambassador. Here's a summary of the job description.

  • Passionate about reaching and discipling people for Christ
  • Thinks more people need to participate in the Great Commission
  • Invests Time, Influence, Money and Expertise (TIME)
  • Willing to communicate with others about the JESUS Film
  • Prays for JESUS Film teams and their ministry around the world
  • Gives so more JESUS Film teams can be supported and equipped
  • Goes on local and/or international trips to supply equipment to JESUS Film
  • Recruits new Ambassadors
  • Volunteers for a one-year, renewable commitment
  • Grows others to pray, give, and go

If you signed the Ambassador card we are using, you will remember you pledged to give of your Time, Influence, Money, and Expertise [TIME] to help fulfill the mission of JFHP. Giving your TIME is the most important thing you can do as an Ambassador. Everything else in the summary above fits in or complements this TIME concept.

JFHP Mission Statement

To forge strategic partnerships that increase evangelistic exposures and bring new believers into discipleship.

The Ambassador program was originally designed to be a network of volunteer partners. As you can imagine, the task before us (see Mission Statement on the right) is a large one, and regardless of their efficiency and dedication, our JFHP office staff cannot possibly accomplish this without the support of involved and committed partners.

As an Ambassador, you can respond to opportunities the Holy Spirit gives to share with those in your personal realm of influence the amazing evangelistic work God is doing through the JESUS Film around the world today. This will result in new people personally engaged and participating in our JFHP ministry.

Find people in your network [relatives, close friends, colleagues at work, members in your local church, social networks, email contacts, and affinity groups], and share what the JESUS Film is doing and ask if they would like to partner in the world's best investment - souls. Tell them how, for only $1-A-Day, they can influence 120 people in 12 months time into the Kingdom of God [Harvest 120 Sponsorship]. What an amazing return this is on their investment!

Our office can supply you with Harvest 120 brochures to give to others. Just let us know the quantity you need. You can also check with either your District or Area Ambassador to see if they already have what you need.

As you help people sign up for this Harvest 120 Sponsorship, please ask if they would join you in praying for JESUS Film teams around the world. Tell them they can subscribe to the weekly Prayer & Praise email to receive prayer requests and praises from the JESUS Film teams.

Subscribe to the Prayer & Praise Email

Look for ways to involve your local church with the three JESUS Film versions. You can show the Story of Jesus for Children in your neighborhood, at the mall, inside or outside your church, or in a city park. Magdalena can be used for women's ministries. Use these versions along with the classic JESUS Film to fuel your imagination and find creative ways to reach people with the Gospel!

Whenever you discover people who want to get involved with the ministry's efforts to lift up Jesus around the world, please sign them up and get their contact information. Email it to SCunningham@JFHP.org at the JFHP office, copying your District and Area Ambassadors.

If you need any resources or assistance to help you in your work, please call or email your District Ambassador. If they don't have what you need, they will contact their Area Ambassador. Our desire is to equip you for service in the Kingdom of God, so more people can come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. If you haven't already done so, please navigate through this website to find the resources we have packed into the various web pages.

Ambassadors receive the monthly Ambassador News via email to keep them up to date with the JFHP world-wide ministry and to receive ideas and reports from other Ambassadors. Please send us any articles, photos, or reports so we can include them in future issues.

Not an Ambassador and you wish to join? Sign-up online now.