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“[God] comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those
 in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

2 Corinthians 1:4 (NIV)

Dear Friends & Partners,

Do you ever feel like there is too much noise in the world?

If we escape the noise for a moment, we can hear—Jesus is calling—and He has a unique plan for our lives! Read how Lucia in Uruguay recently heard His voice:

Lucia saw a replica of her sad situation in Mary Magdalene.

Lucia was raped by her stepfather several times when she was little. She grew up with such a low self-esteem that she felt she wasn't worth anything. She thought she deserved whatever abuse she received.

She was impacted so deeply by the way Jesus treated Mary Magdalene who was demon possessed, and by the liberation Mary experienced after she gave her life to Jesus and was accepted as part of the group of disciples.

Lucia said to herself, 'If God could love a woman in that condition—surely He would do that for me.' She put her life into the hands of the Master and received Jesus as her personal Savior. Her life changed so dramatically one cannot doubt that it was truly a divine intervention.

Today her life is an example of faithfulness and service. She is in charge of a Bible study group, testifying to many about the love of God in her life and home. Lucia requested a pastor come to her home so a couple new to Christ could hear the Word and be baptized.

The wonderful power of God in her life is producing fruit.”

Lucia thought the pain and shame were too great for her to be useful to anyone—but God revealed her true value through Magdalena. He can use the very thing you're most ashamed of to become your greatest ministry in helping others.

God is using Magdalena and the JESUS film to speak to desperately hurting hearts and bruised lives—transforming them for eternity. When you pray, give, and go, you are a part of helping heal the abused around the world.

Listen to Jesus’ voice with me today—what is he calling you to? 

You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director

August Ask