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April 19, 2017

Your prayers help share the gift of eternal life…

“I saw myself when Jesus spoke to the adulterous woman in the JESUS film,” said 28-year-old Koffi in Cote d’Ivoire. “Everyone in my village knew I was a prostitute. I wept when I saw the JESUS film, as I knew my sin was great. When I saw Jesus die on the cross for my sins, I accepted Him into my heart. Now I have peace in my heart and life and want to serve Him for the rest of my life.”

Praise God Koffi has left her old life and is now serving Christ for the rest of her life.


“I had a strong urge to drink, but decided to stay and watch the whole film,” said Durai in Sri Lanka. “I was a heavy smoker and the village drunk. As I watched the JESUS film, I saw Christ’s compassion for people as He died on the cross. This deeply touched my heart, and I gave my life to Jesus. I am thrilled to be a part of showing the JESUS film in this area.”

Pray for Durai as he shares his new faith in Christ with his family and neighbors.


“It was wonderful what God did,” said Eliane in Brazil. “I was praying for my family to meet Christ. During a JESUS film home showing, the Lord answered my prayers! My home has been transformed by Jesus and four of us were baptized.”

Praise God for the transformation in Eliane’s home and family! 


 Prayer Request:

  • Pray for the new believers who have accepted Christ into their heart after viewing the JESUS film to grow in their faith and knowledge of God.  
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom to rest on our Board of Directors as they prepare for an upcoming meeting.


JESUS Film Harvest Partners has reported work in 138 countries, with 290 languages used, and currently 710 registered teams.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

  Goals Results
Evangelistic contacts* 100 million 76,952,941
Decisions for Christ 20 million 14,916,323
Initial discipleship follow-ups 10 million 6,833,444
Preaching Points 100,000 67,413
*JESUS film and other tools