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February 1, 2017

Your prayers help reunite broken marriages…

“There was no peace in my family,” said Renuka in India. “My daughter was having problems with her husband, so she returned to my home. The JESUS film was shown in our village and my whole family attended. After seeing the JESUS film, we realized Christ loved us and cared for us enough to die for us and our sins! We asked Jesus to enter our hearts and live within us. I began to pray for my daughter and her husband, for their marriage to be restored. Soon after, my son-in-law found a job and asked my daughter to return home with him. They are now both very happy.”

Pray for this daughter and son-in-law as they renew their marriage.

“Our life greatly changed after watching the JESUS film,” said a woman in Mexico. “When we heard the JESUS film was being shown in our town, we asked for it to be shown in our home, so our family and friends could see this film about the life of Christ. After watching the film, several asked Jesus into their heart. Before, we had many conflicts in our marriage. Now our life is happy and peaceful.”

Praise the Lord for the difference Christ makes in people’s lives and marriage!

“My marriage had been in trouble for a long time,” said 30-year-old Sandrine in Burundi. “Oftentimes, I created problems in our relationship and did not live in harmony with my husband. After seeing the JESUS film and accepting Christ in my life, I am a changed woman. I love God, my husband, and my family.”

Praise the Lord for the difference Christ has made in this woman’s life.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray for the participants from Brockington Road Church as they continue to prepare for their trip to Panama and minister with the JESUS Film teams. 


JESUS Film Harvest Partners has reported work in 138 countries, with 290 languages used, and currently 710 registered teams.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

  Goals Results
Evangelistic contacts* 100 million 76,540,776
Decisions for Christ 20 million 14,818,440
Initial discipleship follow-ups 10 million 6,773,409
Preaching Points 100,000 66,144
*JESUS film and other tools