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June 21, 2017

Your prayers help open doors to miracles: healing…

“I suffered from heart disease since I was a student,” said Ganga in Nepal. “My heart would beat very fast or very slow, or stop altogether. My parents took me to many hospitals, but no one could cure my heart. A JESUS Film team came to my home to talk about Jesus and show a film about His life. While watching the film, I saw Jesus heal many people. I accepted Him into my life and prayed for Him to heal my heart. My heart now beats normally. I believe Jesus miraculously cured my heart!”

Praise God for healing Ganga’s heart as she now also lives for Jesus!


“I could not stand long without having to sit down,” said 25-year-old Alima in Burkina Faso. “I suffered from this backache for three years. The JESUS film was shown in my village, but there was no place for me to sit as I watched the life of Christ. At the end of the film, I realized I had stood for the whole film and my back was no longer hurting! It was then I realized Christ had healed my back. I have given my heart to Jesus and want to share this good news with my family and friends.”

Pray for Alima as she attends discipleship classes and grows in her faith.


“I was gravely ill,” said Marcelino in Guatemala. “I was just waiting to die because the doctors could not cure me. Recently the JESUS film was shown in a school in my neighborhood. As I watched Jesus heal many people who were very sick, I believed He could also heal me. I accepted Jesus into my heart. The team prayed for me. Praise God—I am now well!”

Pray for Marcelino to grow in faith as he also praises God for healing his body!


  • Praise the Lord for the leadership and faithfulness of the JFHP Board of Directors. 
  • Praise God for the faithfulness and support of those attending the 20th Anniversary Celebration in Indianapolis, IN last night. Attendees saw where God has taken this ministry over the last 20 years and the direction God is leading for the next 20 years.


JESUS Film Harvest Partners has reported work in 139 countries, with 290 languages used, and currently 608 registered teams.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

  Goals Results
Evangelistic contacts* 100 million 77,385,738
Decisions for Christ 20 million 15,023,325
Initial discipleship follow-ups 10 million 6,890,290
Preaching Points 100,000 68,611
*JESUS film and other tools