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June 28, 2017

Your prayers help open doors to miracles: healing…

“My younger brother has been paralyzed on one side for three years,” said 29-year-old Naro in Benin. “Our parents took him to many doctors, but no one could help him. The JESUS Film team came to our village to show the film. While watching Jesus heal many sick people, I believed He could also heal my brother. At the end of the show, I ran home to bring my brother to the team for them to pray for him. As the team prayed for my brother, he began to gradually move his muscles. Now he is completely healed! My whole family gave their heart to God, and is very thankful for God’s healing touch on my brother.”

Pray for this family to grow in their faith as they praise God for healing their son.

“I am deaf and suffered from pain in my ears,” said 60-year-old Siddamma in India. “The JESUS film was shown in my town. I went to see it, even though I could not hear what was being said. I saw Jesus healing many people and believed He could heal me. I asked the JESUS Film team to pray to God so I can hear again. God answered their prayers and miraculously healed my ears! When the people in the town saw this miracle, they believed in God and accepted Him into their heart.”

Pray for these people to grow in their faith and knowledge of God as they regularly attend discipleship classes.

“Please do something!” a widowed mother in a South Asian country cried out in pain. Her 14-year-old son told the JESUS Film team of his mother’s illness after seeing Christ heal many people in the JESUS film. She did not have money to be treated by a doctor. The team went to her home and prayed for her healing. When they returned to the village, they learned this woman was completely healed! Her testimony was shared throughout the village with many accepting Christ into their heart.

Praise God for His healing touch upon this woman’s body.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray for safety as the JESUS Film teams travel by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, taxi, bus, boat and other means to share the JESUS film with those who have yet not seen the life of Christ in the film.   

JESUS Film Harvest Partners has reported work in 139 countries, with 290 languages used, and currently 608 registered teams.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

  Goals Results
Evangelistic contacts* 100 million 77,385,738
Decisions for Christ 20 million 15,023,325
Initial discipleship follow-ups 10 million 6,890,290
Preaching Points 100,000 68,611
*JESUS film and other tools