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October 18, 2017

Your prayers help heal the abused…

“I was sexually abused as a child,” said 26-year-old Geovanna in Ecuador. “I hated my parents for not protecting me from this abuse. As a teen, I drank alcohol and took drugs. I became a single mom when I was 16-years-old. Since I didn’t receive help from my family, I became a prostitute to support myself and my son. I wanted to kill myself for the life I was leading. In my time of need, I saw the JESUS film and knew Jesus was the answer to my problems. I accepted Him into my heart and life. God provided a wonderful husband for me and father for my son. We now live for Christ as a family.”

Praise God for the life in Christ that Geovanna and her family now have as they share this Good News with their friends and neighbors!

“I had abdominal pain for 18 months, so left home in search of treatment,” said 23-year-old Dakuo in Burkina Faso. “While traveling, I was abused and became pregnant. When I returned home, my parents rejected me because I was pregnant and not married. I was still sick and now also had a baby to care for. I saw the JESUS film and decided to give my heart to Christ. I want to live for Him the rest of my life. Jesus healed me from my abdominal pain!”

Praise God for the physical and spiritual healing Dakuo received.


“I was sick and lived in a dysfunctional family,” said Samanta, a young woman in Argentina. “I had no hope. One day two men abused me. I was so miserable, I wanted to kill myself. A friend invited me to watch the JESUS film. I saw the abuse Jesus received for me and accepted Him into my heart. God is healing the past hurts and making me a new person in Christ!”

Pray for Samanta as she continues to receive God’s healing in her life.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray for the team members from Little Rock First Church as they minister alongside the Guatemala JESUS Film team members. 

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JESUS Film Harvest Partners has reported work in 139 countries, with 290 languages used, and currently 608 registered teams.

Since January 1998, JESUS Film teams have reported:

  Goals Results
Evangelistic contacts* 100 million 78,294,453
Decisions for Christ 20 million 15,235,271
Initial discipleship follow-ups 10 million 7,015,646
Preaching Points 100,000 71,080
*JESUS film and other tools