August 19, 2015

"I want to tell you how marvelous and good God is!" proclaims a pastor in Uruguay, South America. "God has been faithful! In only one and a half years, we are about to build our own sanctuary. We have a group of enthusiastic children eager to learn. Our attendance is good, and we have a radio program. The JESUS Film, which we were able to show in public places, has had a huge impact on our growing congregation. Thank you for providing us with these possibilities."

August 12, 2015

"Please pray for us brothers and sisters, that we might have a pure heart and wisdom to continue sharing the Gospel," said the leader in the Philippines. "Our community welcomed what we had to share about the Word of God. We were grateful to the village leader for allowing us to present the JESUS Film, along with preaching and the distribution of food. It was evident during the movie, that people of all ages were touched by seeing the pain Jesus endured. A group of us meets in a house at this time. It is rather crowded, but we are still joyful."