October 07, 2015

"I was considered a lost cause and no one loved me," said a viewer in Niger, Africa.  "I sought the Lord and He found me; He delivered me from all my fears. When I turn to His face, I shine with joy. My face reflects His grace and glory. Indeed, I was miserable all my life and didn't have anything in life. People thought I was lazy and should die of hunger despite how hard I tried. The Lord was gracious to me. He saved me from my troubles and now I am well!  The JESUS Film showed me the path of salvation and mercy for which I am so thankful.  Now I know Jesus is the King of the nations and all who believe in Him have eternal life. Taste and see that the Lord is good; happy is the man whose refuge is in Him!  My name is Ziya and I belong to Jesus!"

September 30, 2015

"As I saw these people for the first time, my heart sank," said a team leader in Sri Lanka.  "The people in this area live a deprived life. Disease and illness is common here—it broke my heart to see them.  At first, we were unable to get permission from the village headman to show the JESUS Film, but after praying about it, God made it possible. Permission was granted, due to the influence of the headman's friends and family, and doors were opened. I am praying constantly that God will bless them abundantly. They are now friends and help us with the JESUS Film showings." 

September 23, 2015

"David was a casualty of beatings, alcohol, and drugs," reported a team leader in Argentina. "David is a teenager who with a chaotic home life. He, his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were frequently beaten and abused. Their lives were sad and without hope. One day, David was invited to see the JESUS Film. As a result, he accepted Christ, believing Jesus could change his family. Within weeks after praying with a group of believers, the family fights stopped and many have received Jesus as their Savior!"

September 16, 2015

"It was a very happy moment for us,"said a team leader in India. "We have started a preaching point. This was a bit of a process. Our team visited the village in advance to secure permission to show the JESUS Film. The community leaders were interested to find out more about this Jesus and agreed to the presentation. Many villagers came and now, through the follow-up efforts of the team, eighteen new believers are coming regularly to our meetings."

September 09, 2015

"They had two sets of twins in the span of only two years!" said a pastor of a young couple in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. "This father was burdened by the responsibility of feeding and caring for his growing family. Without a job, he was losing hope and control. After attending the JESUS Film presentation, he asked the team to pray for him. Three days later, he got a job in the mining company in his area.  Praise the Lord!"

September 02, 2015

"I was concerned about money," said a viewer in Pakistan. "I used to live a life of sin and wasn't even concerned about myself and my family—only for the money I could earn by doing bad things. One evening, the JESUS Film team came to my village and I was being pulled very strongly to watch the film, so I did. I could see Jesus did not hate sinners, but loved them and even ate with them.  Watching that scene, I felt I had been living in darkness, but Jesus was bringing me into the light. When I confessed my sins to Him, He forgave me and now I want to be baptized. Now I tell Jesus, through your grace, Lord, I give you my hands to work for you, my feet to follow you, my tongue to speak your words, my mind to think of you, and above all, I give you my heart to live in."

August 26, 2015

"I felt in my heart there was something missing," said a man in Mexico. "Even though my parents taught me to work hard and live a good moral life, I lacked something. One day on my way home from work I went through the park as usual. On this day, a crowd was listening to a man tell a story using a colorful cube with pictures on it. As he explained how God loved us by sending Jesus to die in our place, I felt a great need to know God. When an invitation was given, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior and have been attempting to learn more about Him every week."

August 19, 2015

"I want to tell you how marvelous and good God is!" proclaims a pastor in Uruguay, South America. "God has been faithful! In only one and a half years, we are about to build our own sanctuary. We have a group of enthusiastic children eager to learn. Our attendance is good, and we have a radio program. The JESUS Film, which we were able to show in public places, has had a huge impact on our growing congregation. Thank you for providing us with these possibilities."

August 12, 2015

"Please pray for us brothers and sisters, that we might have a pure heart and wisdom to continue sharing the Gospel," said the leader in the Philippines. "Our community welcomed what we had to share about the Word of God. We were grateful to the village leader for allowing us to present the JESUS Film, along with preaching and the distribution of food. It was evident during the movie, that people of all ages were touched by seeing the pain Jesus endured. A group of us meets in a house at this time. It is rather crowded, but we are still joyful."