The Gamo people group are located in southern Ethiopia. This short video shows the response of the people as they see JESUS and hear the words of Christ in their heart language for the first time.

jesusA major part of the JESUS film's success is that people around the world see and hear the Gospel in their own language, many of whom wouldn't be able to read the Bible even if you gave them a copy. The JESUS film is primarily the Gospel of Luke.

JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) is strategically partnered with a group of Christ-centered organizations which utilize the resources of the Jesus Film Project and others to bring the Gospel to the nations. JFHP not only has national film teams show the JESUS film, but they also plant churches and offer follow-up discipleship to help fulfill the Great Commission of "making disciples of all nations."

JFHP has a successful and proven track record of turning every 
$3 donation into 1 decision for Christ.

Donate $30/month

Please consider becoming a Harvest 120 Sponsor with a donation of $30/month to help support the JESUS Film teams as they share the gospel in a way we could never do. They have the willingness and we have the resources. Let's give them a helping hand to get the job done.

Your $30/month will result in 120 people making a decision for Jesus Christ over the next 12 months, thus the name of the program, "Harvest 120."

Plus, you'll receive monthly Prayer & Praise emails with stories like:

2 boys"Children are coming to Christ," said the team member in Cuba. "We thank God for the opportunity to share the gospel through the JESUS Film. Many have heard of God's love. The Word of truth is penetrating the hearts of the children."

"I was a slave to many vices," said the viewer in Panama. "Before I received Christ, my life was filled with sin. I had many marital conflicts. I wanted to change and have a better life, but I did not know how. After watching the JESUS film, I decided to abandon my sin and follow Jesus. I have three children and am now attending a Bible study."

"I heard Jesus speaking my language," said Lai in Nigeria. "I was excited in my spirit! I prayed to God confessing my sins. He has forgiven me and washed me with His blood. I am a child of God. I am happy to be here. My joy is complete as I sit with others and sing the Lord's songs. I pray God will greatly use me."

boys"We are praying for salvation for the whole community," said Yohana in Guatemala. "I am thankful for the brothers who brought the JESUS film and prayed with us. They taught us about the power of prayer. We are new believers. Praise God!"

"I am very excited," said the viewer in Honduras. "I saw the JESUS Film for the first time. Today, I reconciled with the Lord! I want to hear more about the life of Jesus and how we are called to walk with Him."

Thanks for your prayerful consideration to partner with us for $30 per month.You will be personally responsible for 120 decisions for Christ over the course of the next 12 months! Now that's exciting and a true return on investment! Don't miss out on the blessing.

Donate $30/month