This testimony was received from one of the missionaries: "One man who worked at the factory as a mechanical engineer came to all three showings. As a professional we were surprised that he came to an outdoor showing. On the second night this man prayed with Pastor Wafula and gave his heart to Christ. He had been a Hindu but came to 'believe that Jesus was the only way.' Pastor Wafula is the one on the far right of the photo and the light complected man is the engineer."


"Our team consisted of 10 people who were divided into two teams that ministered in different villages. God's hand of protection was upon all of us as we traveled throughout the country safely. We felt blessed to be able to bring new equipment to a local team that really needed it. Having two teams really made it fun when we came back together, after a week spent in two separate areas of Ukraine, to share all the great things that happened to one team or the other.


We are near the end of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners trip. We have traveled all over Guatemala... showed the JESUS Film twice, were part of organizing a church, and the two sites where the film was shown will end up being churches. We rode the bikes two days - everyone is safe. We have two more backpacks to deliver. The travel around the country has been grueling, but we have seen so much human need, so many who need Jesus. On the first night when we showed the film, 25-35 kids and 15-20 adults raised their hand to accept Christ.


"A team of 12 individuals sponsored by Chicago Heights Church delivered four sets of JESUS Film equipment to India. We encountered questions on two of the four units in India customs in Mumbai.

First unit questioned was a backpack. The agent was told that the equipment would be used to show educational videos. Initially, our team member was told he would have to pay a 33% duty. The form letter supplied by Harvest Partners satisfied the customs officer.


"Certainly a life changing ministry opportunity for our whole group of seven from Des Moines Eastside. We love the people of Zimbabwe and appreciate the unique opportunity of ministry that we could be a part of. To God be the Glory for great things He has done."


"The Blessings that have come out of this trip have been many. I could write a ten- page report or more on this subject alone. Our mission trip was not a life changer it was a life enhancer! Our young man Sal, look directly into my eyes and said, "You leave with many friends." What an awesome moment, to know that I had touched other lives, through my Love for Christ. He did not know it, but they touched and blessed my life even more. I left with turmoil in my heart and in my mind. How could I go back to my life with what I had seen and felt upon my soul?


Our JESUS Film Ministry trip to Bolivia, South America was life-changing for the nine-man team. I knew the trip experience would be life changing, but I did not realize just how much. The trip was definitely one of the best ministries I have led for our men as their Pastor. During the second showing of the film, no one responded to the invitation. That is until two men stood to their feet and came forward. Once they responded, it seemed that "permission" was granted for others to respond then 75% of the audience came forward.


"We had an amazing trip!" said Ben Roat. "Everyone remained healthy through the trip and was able to participate in the three Vacation Bible School events, three JESUS Film presentations, and construction assignments: painting a community center, painting a school building, and sledge hammering an old foundation to make way for the new church.


“Our teens were challenged to be ambassadors for Christ,” said team leader Jimmy Wright. Wright facilitated a JESUS Film Harvest Partners Ministry Trip for a group of teens from Tennessee District Nazarene Youth International. The group delivered a set of JESUS Film equipment to a team in Guatemala, participated in JESUS Film showings, and shared Christ using the EvangeCube.  Over 300 people saw JESUS during their trip!


We had a busy and productive time in Argentina.  Praises - we saw 17 decisions for Christ, two in the airport as we were going down there; 12 from theMagdalena film; and three from the Vargus film. We showed films five times.  The airline allowed all our overweight and oversized items to go through without any extra cost.