After a brief time at the church, we loaded up with their people and went to a gathering place in the community to set up for a film showing. Some of their people were already there with a fire burning and a turkey pot filled with boiling sweet tea. We pulled up with the bus and immediately were inundated by children. Elaine pulled out her balloons and started making balloon animals. It was awesome. After about an hour, we started the film. Tonight we showed Magdalena.


"This was our third trip to take new equipment to Uganda," shared Susan, the trip leader. The team made a two-day trip to Arua, which is near the borders of the Sudan and the Republic of the Congo. "Together with the local JESUS Film team, [the US team] showed the film three times to over 1700 people. Over one hundred people made a decision for Christ," reported the missionary. The first showing was at a local church, the second was in a Trading Center, and the third was in a school yard outside of town.


“At our last showing, during the invitation the people were asked to raise their hands if they believed what they had heard and seen about Jesus. [One team member] noticed a woman who raised her hand. Her husband standing beside her grabbed her hand and pulled it down. She raised it back up. She came forward and listened to the evangelists…her husband left,” shared the missionary.  "Seeing souls won for Christ was very rewarding," testified team member Donna.


"We couldn’t understand [the film showing language]*, but we could understand the power of the Word as the Gospel was shared. We did learn that many of the leaders were Christians in hiding, presenting themselves outwardly as [another faith] to prevent persecution," reported the team leader. "We worked in orphanages, schools, widow’s huts, and showed the JESUS Film twice. We were welcomed and given a ceremonial meal. We really felt we were being examples of Christ for these people and they saw Him through us.


On Sunday morning, there were 11 new attendees from the JESUS Film showing in the church. Many lined the altar at the close of the service for prayer to receive Jesus Christ as Savior,” reported the missionary.   “It was a privilege for us to take the equipment,” said Nancy, a team member. The Leavenworth team showed the JESUS Film two nights in a row. The first was on a local soccer field with 150 in attendance, the second was in the new church, with more than 200 in attendance.   The Leavenworth group also participated in a construction project.


“Everyone came home enthused about the ministry,” testified the Pittsburg District Superintendent (DS). The DS and pastors group worked with nationals in Cancun. The group was involved in compassionate ministry projects, EvangeCube, and the JESUS Film. 129 people accepted Christ and 469 people heard the good news through the combined ministry outreach.


We were the first group to minister in Tacuarembo in 12 years, and the first in 17 years to visit Montevideo. Our group helped with the construction of a church in the community of Matutina and also participated in children’s ministry programs, helped with youth programs, worship services and relationship building with local pastors and members of both communities. We also brought 288 EvangeCubes, along with several pieces of equipment items to replace existing JESUS Film equipment.   


“It was wonderful to see the passion of the Nazarenes in Sao Paulo and Campinas,” shared Debra who traveled with the group from this district. “That is the reason why the churches here are growing by 20% a year! The trip was great and the people were extremely hospitable and engaging. We enjoyed working on projects during the day, such as light construction and painting. We showed the Story of JESUS for Childrenthree times in the communities where we worked. About 250 children saw the film and there were approximately 100 decisions for Jesus!


“We went into some of the poorest places in Kenya to work with the people there,” shared the team leader of a group of students. “We also painted a school in Kibara. While we enjoyed the work projects, the main focus of our trip was to evangelize, so we were very excited when we got to show the JESUS Film to about 400 kids in a very small room!


“The missionary took our Work & Witness group to see six churches that had been started by the JESUS Film ministry!” shared a member of the Marysville, WA church who traveled to Ecuador. "We participated with the churches by handing out dental hygiene packages, gifts, goodie bags for the children, attending their prayer meetings and children’s programs, as well as joining in with their activities and games.