“I was humbled by the passion and desire to fulfill the Great Commission I observed in the local pastors and missionaries in Argentina,” said Dave, a group member. “The Nazarene Church is blessed of God to have such a devoted and talented group of people working in Argentina and throughout the world. When we arrive, we let the local missionaries know that we are there to serve them and God, and that we will do as they lead.


"We worked with the Candelaria church to reach into two nearby towns with the goal of planting two new mission churches," reported the team leader. "The JESUS Film was shown three times and we believe there were about 1,500 viewers in attendance. Many people accepted the Lord! We also used the EvangeCube and the To Be Like Him program to share the Gospel.


Pastor Steve shared this report:  "Our team’s work in several interactive ministries was very well received. There were four JESUS Film showings to about 300 people and there were about 75 decisions for Christ. The medical/dental clinics and door–to-door evangelism efforts with the EvangeCube went well and many people came to Christ through those efforts.


“A twelve-member group traveled throughout southern Benin and southern Togo,” shared a host missionary in a recent email update. “Eight of the twelve members were over age 54, eight were women, about half were in Africa for the first time, and one couple was in their mid-70s on their eleventh mission. We held seven showings. This group’s purpose was to deliver two complete sets of JESUS film equipment (screen, projector, DVD player, sound system, cords, and the film in various local languages).


“Our team of 14 traveled to two gospel-resistant countries with the goals of ministering to and encouraging people in these areas," shared Pastor Dale. "We ministered to the children of the local churches by conducting a children’s program called “Kidztown”, including action songs, skits, puppet shows, balloon animals, and an illustrated Gospel presentation. We then showed The Story of JESUS for Children.


“The trip was awesome! Everyone was very loving and giving,” shared Alice from the Cambridge Church. “We showed the JESUS Film five times with more than 400 viewers. On one night, 36 people came to Christ! I was especially blessed to use the EvangeCube and personally lead three people to the Lord! We were in a very poor area and their lack of material things really impacted us.


“Great,” described Nancy of their four-day trip! She shared that they had an incredible leader for their trip and amazingly, they discovered that the secretary of their church in Mission Valley is from this man’s first pastorate in Zambia! The group was only able to do one JESUS Film presentation because of the short duration of this trip, but the pastor conducted lengthy equipment training with his JESUS Film team leaders and the DS. Many urgent needs were shared with this group and they took those needs back to their church.


John recounted: “We transported a new set of equipment for delivery to the JESUS Film team. Our first Sunday morning there, the new equipment was formally handed over to the team in the presence of their DS and all of the zone pastors. Two of the three showings we held were to strengthen a new mission church, and it was a great support for them. We visited homes in the area each night, inviting people to come to the showing.


“Our trip went very well, it was great,” reported David, a member of the group. “We had the opportunity to show the JESUS Film on three occasions. The first two showings were to help start a new mission church, and the other was to help strengthen an existing church.


Lora shared that it was “definitely the best trip” she had taken out of the dozen she had previously experienced. “We were able to show the JESUS Film three times to help strengthen a new mission church.  Approximately 775 people viewed the film, and 41 adults and 400 children prayed to receive Christ! The showings were held right after VBS, inside a school due to the rain.