In July 2005, the Susanville, California Church of the Nazarene took their first Work & Witness trip ever - a JESUS Film ministry trip - to Ukraine. Under the leadership of Pastor Mike, Susanville’s Family Life pastor, a group of ten delivered a set of new video projection equipment to the JESUS Film team in Ukraine.   


We had no idea that such a multitude of youth and children would come,” wrote the host missionary in a recent e-mail blog about the group’s experience. “The second night of the film showing we started the evening with puppets to sing songs along with an impressive children’s choreography group. The young people stood around in large groups, asking us questions. Several of the girls in a smaller group had seen the film the night before, so I began to share the EvangeCube with them.


The East Kentucky District took eight pastors on a JESUS Film Ministry Trip to Mexico. The trip leader said the trip was "As good as we've ever had", which is a blessing when you consider he's gone on 26 W&W trips over 20 years or so. This was his first JESUS Film trip. As a result, several of the pastors may consider taking their local churches on JESUS Film trips.


The team leader said the trip was "Phenomenal...there was a lot of fruit." The group traveled to the very remote town of San Fernando and participated in many outreach ministries that involved over 1500 people: they held a sexual purity presentation at the high school, painted in the park and painted Nazarene church and parsonage, held a dental clinic, delivered 100 pairs of glasses and held a VBS for 800 kids. Several of the local governmental officials were present at various times which was exciting to the Fergus Falls group.


"Customs was a miracle," wrote the trip leader. "After hearing what we were doing, two of the customs agents identified themselves as Christians! They didn't open any cases with the expensive electronics. They cleared us through in about 10 minutes with no tax or bribe money requested!!! The field coordinator called it a true miracle on both counts. He told us to expect a 30% bribe or tax.


The trip leader shared: "We showed the film three times. The first time we hiked up into the hills to show it. It was quite the hike up a pretty steep hill. When we got the location the local people had set up a covered area. After showing the film we had to keep the generator running and use the lights from the JESUS Film equipment to provide lights for everyone as we made our way back down the hill. It was quite adventurous!


The JESUS Film ministry is "very effective. I am a true believer in the value of the program," shared the trip leader. "There were as many new believers that came forward and made commitments as there are attending members of our home church. God is good!

"By walking the streets and using the EvangeCube, I became a very intense believer in the value of the EvangeCube. Fifty percent of the people that I approached on the streets "cold call" accepted Christ. God is awesome!


"The EvangeCube is good," shared a team member. They gave Cubes to the team members, one pastor won 11 people with the Cube in the first day!


"The trip has been great in so many ways... God has richly blessed the efforts of the JESUS Film showings this week. We showed the film four times. We ended with over 525 people seeing the film, and over 200 responding to a call to commit their lives to Christ! It has been truely amazing to see what power God's Word has when put to pictures, as it turns the hearts of those who are sensitive to His call. 


The Monroe, MI church posted a travel log during their Guatemala trip which can be found at www.travelpod.com\members\monroenazarene. Below is one excerpt: ...When we reached this poor town of around 8000 people we could hardly believe our eyes. Off to the left was the school. In front of the school was a huge crowd of people. The regular school session had been cancelled because we were coming. Mind you this is a secular school. The school was old and all of the vast amount of painted stone trim was badly faded. Our first goal was to paint the trim.