"A district leader told us one new church was planted, and a preaching point and three churches were strengthened," reported the trip leader. "We passed out literature/invitations in the afternoon before each showing. We set up the equipment and used live and CD music before the showings. At intermission we had special music and testimonies. There was an invitation to accept Christ at the end of each showing. The names of those coming forward were written down and follow-up literature was given.


Our trip to Chihuaha, Mexico was a combination Work & Witness / JESUS Film Trip. Our construction project was to begin construction on a Distirct Pastors/Missionary Training Center. Our JESUS Film outreach was to include showings at each of the area Nazarene churches, introducing them to the evangelistic opportunities that the JESUS Film could bring to their churches.


Four pastors and three laymen left Boston on April 13 for McAllen, Texas for "a very rewarding trip." They stayed at the Bible Institute in Tamazunchale, Mexico for several days and trained workers and showed the JESUS Film in three different locations. On Monday they traveled up state and checked into a hotel. They then trained workers and showed the JESUS Film in two more locations. They saw responses at each location and prayed with those who were seeking. There were approximately 255 viewers and 21 decisions for Christ at the 5 showings.


"We did 3 JESUS Film showings, 2 of them were to help a church that had just been through a split," shared the trip leader. They also used the EvangeCube to go door to door, and 27 people accepted Christ!

Their trip was full of many kinds of ministry: including a medical clinic that treated 200 people, a dental hygiene seminar to 600 school children, painting part of a church, and a VBS program.


"The highlight was when we met with 8 coordinators of the JESUS Film in Argentina,"shared the trip leader from Harrison. "They shared their passion with us, their strategies for showing the film, and the wonderful ways people are coming to the Lord. We shared with them how we organized the trip and raised the funds."

"They were anxious to receive the equipment," the leader continued. "Just one week before something broke. It was God's timing!"


"The trip was incredible, awesome, wonderful - there are not enough words,"shared the trip leader. "The weather was great. The food is wonderful. God blessed us and took care of us all along the way. The people are warm and friendly."


Calvary Ridge, OH took a JESUS Film Ministry Trip as their first ever W&W trip overseas! They report having a very successful time. They thought the most successful aspect of the trip was incorporating the EvangeCube with the film in various ways to achieve better response rates. They partnered with a local church to hold the showings and approximately 1200 people saw the film.


We received the following from the JESUS Film team that received the new equipment: "This month was a great blessing for the Central District of the Dominican Republic. After almost two years of working with equipment that was damaged in many ways, the group of Nazarenes from Indianapolis came with a new projector and everything else we needed. We give God thanks for these brothers who were so moved by God that we could receive this blessing. There was a great impact when we worked together with the brothers from Indianapolis.


The group from Spokane Valley was the first group to take JESUS Film equipment into South Asia.* The equipment they carried is also the first set for use at the Reynolds Memorial Hospital (RMH). The name of the country has been withheld for security.


"At Northwest Naz. we incorporate mission trips into three phases: Construction, JESUS Film and Medical Clinics," shared the trip leader.