"I think the combination of W&W and the JESUS Film ministry made the trip ten times better than any of the other W&W trips I've been on," shared the trip leader. "I feel strongly after this trip that you need to have an evangelism aspect to each trip."


We showed the JESUS Film 7 times. The first couple times we had around 100 people with a few accepting Christ at each show. As we moved north, showing the film beside dirt roads between villages, the attendance was about 700-800 people. When the altar call was given masses of people responded. What a moment that was, I will never forget it. We showed the film at one new church in Suhum (see picture to the left).


"I give thanks to God for the opportunity our team had to share the message of God's love and bring hope to the Peruvian people in the Amazon jungle," shared Linda, NMI President and Peru Trip Coordinator. 


"We attended a special Sunday school session at the church where we had shown the film outdoors the night before," reported the group team leader. "Since this church held their Sunday school in the morning and the church service at night, it was attended by mostly children under the age of 12. We saw children there that had seen the film the night before and this was their first time to attend church!


They waited and waited...in the dark and rainy night the team waited in the van for the bus to come... The JESUS Film Ministry group from Nall Avenue, KS had arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier that morning after approximatley a 24 hour trip. They'd had a great day visiting the Cono Sur Field office and attending church, but now it was after midnight and the bus to their ministry site was late. In fact, they didn't make the bus that night. But that didn't slow them down.


Portland First returned to El Salvador in August for the second time to carry JESUS Film equipment. During this trip they showed the JESUS Film 5 times and did some painting at a church. After this trip, one of the team leaders said they are "dreaming about a bigger project to do in El Salvador." They have fallen in love with the people and leaders and want to stay involved.


"It was an experience we'll never forget," exclaimed the JESUS Film Ministry trip leader. For the first showing, on Friday night, they showed the film close to a school and the team was surprised when kids appeared carrying benches from the school for the show.


"It was the most incredible trip," shared the Dakota District NMI President. She and her husband went to Nigeria carrying some JESUS Film equipment. The rest of the equipment was purchased in Nigeria and the parts were matched together.


"The stars were shining brightly as I stood there on that cement basketball court and the Holy Spirit came pouring down like a waterfall," wrote the pastor from Wray, CO. "I had sensed the Spirit's presence before but never like this, this was physical. I was being swept up in a flood of the Holy Spirit that rushed over everyone in the area. All around me people were coming forward, accepting the invitation to dedicate their lives to Christ. 'Thank you Jesus this is why we came here!'"


This trip was "beyond expectations" and we are "excited to do it again," shared the JESUS Film Ministry Trip leader from Garnett, KS.