The 7 member SNU student team arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday, June 5th in time to change clothes and attend Sunday morning worship service, "with toothpicks in our eyes," team leader Todd said. 


"The local church in Nicaragua really ramped up before we got there," shared the JESUS Film Ministry Trip group leader.  "They were out working in the days before we got there. On Friday and Saturday the church prayed and fasted all morning before we showed the film on Friday and Saturday nights. So when we went calling on Monday in the neighborhoods they were expecting us."  The team showed the film two times with approximately 210 in attendance and 25 decisions for Christ.


"I have been on 12 Work & Witness trips but this trip was the greatest because we became a part of the evangelism and saw it work," wrote a team member in a letter. "We got to be a vital part of the evangelism, not just drop off the equipment and leave." 


This family* joined a Nazarene Health Care Fellowship trip to Panama to combine medical missions and the JESUS Film. They visited the Kuna Indians (only accessable by canoe) and 3 different outlying areas of Panama City. The medical team attended to about 500 patients throughout the week while showing the JESUS Film on a TV in the waiting room. They also held 4 full showings of JESUS in the Spanish and Kuna languages with the set of video projection equipment they dontated. There were approximately 105 decisions for Christ!


Chelan Church of the Nazarene in Chelan, WA, is a small church of approx. 100 people. But they are on fire for missions! In August 2003 they went to Uganda on a JESUS Film Ministry Trip. Here is what the pastor said about their trip: "This was the best W&W trip we've ever been on and 2/3 of the team were W&W veterans. Building churches is indirect; on this trip the immersion in the culture with the people was awesome.


Portland First Church of the Nazarene "caught the vision" of providing JESUS Film equipment for El Salvador. They provided one set in August 2003, and are returning to complete 2 more sets in August 2004. The following is taken from a missions report by the trip members: Results in El Salvador: 1. Average attendance at each JESUS Film showing was 80+. Many prayed the prayer of salvation after each showing.


The Shawnee, KS Church of the Nazarene team leader confessed that she was initially nervous about the evangelism focus of the trip. But she confirmed that they had a good trip: "We enjoyed showing the film and taking equipment. We encouraged the church missions that we worked with. It was a spiritually difficult trip. Satan fought us the whole time. I wasn't prepared for that. Prayer is really important. Devotions were necessary every day.


Marysville took a teen group on the JESUS Film Ministry Trip. The youth pastor of Marysville CON, reported the following: "Many of the teens have spoken about how God's presence was so real to them while they were preparing to show the Film. Others have talked about the power of prayer and its purpose in the life of the church. One student came back from the trip and has experienced a call to missions.


"Pastor Rob! Slow down!"  Turning, I saw the three others on my team, Holly, Wade, and Cindy. With a quivery voice, Cindy said, "This is the place! Don't you feel it?" As she tried to hold back the tears, she said, "It feels as if we are walking on holy ground!"