Make an Eternal impact

Harvest 120

Harvest 120 Sponsorship

Your recurring gift of $1 a day ensures JESUS Film teams continue to share the gospel and lives continue to be changed! Discover how Harvest 120 Sponsors help 120 people come to Christ each year.

Preaching Point 1

Plant a Preaching Point

When you donate funds to plant a Preaching Point, you are investing in the growth of new believers.

Each JESUS Film team helps plant at least one Preaching Point per month. These church plants expand the Kingdom in creative ways — often starting as weekly Bible studies, meeting in someone’s home or a convenient location, where believers can be empowered through fellowship and worship together.

Disciple New Believer 1

Disciple A New Believer

When you provide support to disciple new believers, you are contributing to their lifetime journey of spiritual growth!

JESUS Film teams are committed to discipling new believers on the path to becoming mature Christians. They work in a community for a month, showing the JESUS film and utilizing resources like the Bible Story Cloth and discipleship leaflets to help villagers learn more about how to walk and grow in their faith.

Audio Bible

Audio Bible

Your Audio Bible gift equips teams to disciple believers with a tool that is portable and programmable with over 1,600 languages.

The handheld and durable Papyrus and Torch Audio Bibles are powerful enough to be heard by up to 200 listeners! Their built-in solar panels ensure audio messages may be heard by the most remote people groups of the world.

BIble Story Cloth 1

Bible Story Cloth

Your Bible Story Cloth gift will be used by JESUS Film teams to share the Bible through 100 colorful pictures.  

These durable cloths allow those who do not read or write to see and hear these amazing stories, often for the first time.

Evangecube 1


Your gift of the EvangeCube provides a powerful and interactive tool that teams use to share the gospel in their heart language.

The EvangeCube is comprised of pictures, so it works in every culture and language!

Soccer Ball 1

Evangelism Soccer Ball

Your Evangelism Soccer Ball gift opens the door for teams to build relationships in a community. JESUS Film teams explain what the colors on the ball represent and then walk listeners through the salvation story.

JesusFilmTeam 1

Jesus Film Team Sponsorship

Your team sponsorship encourages and equips a JESUS Film team to faithfully evangelize, disciple, and plant churches for an entire year in their country!

You can select a team in any country where JFHP has active work. Sponsors receive a quarterly report that includes a testimony from your team along with statistics and a personalized webpage for reports.

    Motor Bike 1


    JESUS Film teams often travel many miles on desert trails and congested city streets to reach the next lost person, community, and nation with the gospel.

    Your motorbike gift means these teams now have unprecedented opportunities to meet and share the Good News with more people from every culture and nation, and in less time than ever before!

    Mini Solar Set 1

    Mini Solar Set

    Your Mini Solar Set gift provides equipment to teams that allows up to 200 people to see the JESUS film at one time and weighs just 25 pounds! This equipment set is most requested by teams in South America, who often show the film in homes and smaller villages.

    Solar Backpack 1

    Large Solar Set

    Your Large Solar Set gift provides equipment that allows teams to show the film to 1,000 people at one time, and can be carried by just one team member! This equipment set is most requested by teams in Africa, Mesoamerica, and Eurasia, where the film draws large crowds.

      Decision A Day 1

      Decision-a-Day Sponsorship

      Your gift of just $3 a day helps one person today and every day make a decision to follow Christ. With a sponsorship of $1,080, 360 people will make a personal commitment to follow Christ this year!