Always Faithful - March 2021

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive
us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

1 John 1:9 (ESV

God is always faithful and true to His promises!


Praise God!

  • For the 963 Preaching Points that were planted in the last month! Teams have reported over 100,000 church plants in the life of the ministry. This month, read about those who discovered God's faithfulness, including a teenager, a welder, a woman isolated by the pandemic, and an impoverished family in a low caste.
  • For the exciting ways He is growing the Kingdom. 914 JESUS Film teams are serving in 59 countries – more than ever before!

March 1 - 7


Prayer Points:

  • Venezuelan teams request prayers for hearts to be receptive to Christ. They are ministering to people facing food shortages, drug and alcohol addictions, and troubled youth.
  • Pray for the 31 JESUS Film teams and all believers in Venezuela to help spread the peace of Christ across their tumultuous nation.
  • Teams have encountered communities where many Venezuelans worship idols and practice a blend of Christianity and voodoo. Pray that teams can help people discover the one true God.

"Some women and teenagers came to my house and shared about Christ using a hat with many colors. I accepted their invitation to see a film about Jesus. Seeing the wonderful things He did for us moved me greatly. I accepted Jesus and am attending discipleship classes to learn more about Him. I want to thank Jesus for everything He has done for me by serving God at church.” –Jenifer, 12-years-old

March 8 - 14


Prayer Points:

  • Praise: team #7 reports, "We bless God for his assistance throughout the year. Through this ministry, people heard the gospel for the first time in their mother tongue. Many gave their lives to the Lord!"
  • Teams request prayer for God to provide and equip more leaders to help evangelize to the 4.8 million unreached people in Burkina Faso. Leaders are also needed for the Preaching Points planted by teams following JESUS film showings.

"I am a welder. Following Jesus’ story helped me discover I have a faithful friend. He is powerful and spotless, protecting me and giving me joy, even when life is hard. My life now rests under Him!” —Victor, 31-years-old

March 15 - 21


Prayer Points:

  • Panama teams request prayer for God to guide them and provide many opportunities to reach more people in their community. They also want to praise God, because "He has no limitations and hears our requests!"
  • Pray for success as teams continue creative outreach using social media and video calling.
  • Pray for strong Christian impact on the multitude of nationalities passing through the Canal Zone.

Sara’s testimony: “I feel very grateful to God for the opportunity He gave me to meet the JESUS Film team through social media. With the help of technology, Jesus came to me in the midst of this pandemic. Jesus is faithful and lives in my heart now.”

March 22 - 31


Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for this report we received from the Nigeria teams: "God is faithful. Despite the challenges of no permanent place to worship, the church is increasing in number. We have created awareness about COVID-19 in combination with showing the JESUS film, and distributed food to people in need."
  • Pray for increasingly persecuted Christians in radicalized northern states to be characterized by supernatural love and forgiveness.

Team Report: “I met a woman named Christiana who was upset because she didn’t have 500 nairas to buy food. I gave her 1,000 naira and tears flowed from her eyes. I visited her family and told them Jesus speaks in Hausa, the language they understand. After watching the JESUS film, she said Jesus was born in a manger, and to poor parents. Jesus didn't look down on anyone for their class, tribe, or status. The Lord added to his church — she decided to follow Christ!”