God is moving in Mesoamerica - April 2021


"How precious is Your unfailing love, O God!
All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of Your wings."
Psalm 36:7 (NLT)

276 teams are building the Kingdom in Mesoamerica!


Praise God!

  • The selfless love of Christ is touching hearts and lives around the world. Over 11,200 people made decisions for Christ in Mesoamerica last year alone! This month, read about women moved by the one true God, forgiveness, and a lonely man who will never be the same. 
  • For dying on the cross for our sins and not staying in the tomb. His resurrection 2,000+ years ago is why we have hope today. He is risen!

April 1 - 7

Prayer Points:

  • Lift up the 21 JESUS Film teams serving in Cuba. They requested prayer as they "work in areas with a lot of spiritual and emotional needs." Teams appreciate your support as they safely share the gospel through technology.
  • Praise: team #14 did not let a bad motorbike battery stop them from recently sharing the JESUS film – they rode on horse-drawn carts and then walked several miles!

Amalia’s testimony: “I was born into a family where faith and hope were placed in other gods. I thank the Lord for this encounter, as I discovered the true God. I received Him as my Savior, and repented of my sins. I want to learn the Bible to share with my family. I hope they too will repent and put their faith in Jesus.” 

April 8 - 14

Prayer Points:

  • The 17 Nicaraguan teams are seeking to bring the light of Christ to dark places. Team #6 explained: "The pandemic has aggravated already high unemployment rates. Slums are filled with young teenage mothers and men who are forced to leave school to work. Drug use is common." Pray for team members as they witness to these people who are desperate for hope.
  • Praise: teams reported over 2,800 evangelistic contacts last year in spite of the challenges, thanking God that each showing bore fruit and strengthened their team unity!

Ofelia’s testimony: “When I saw Mary Magdalene in the movie, I noticed how Jesus forgave and healed several women. I believe I could also receive His forgiveness. I am grateful for the invitation I received to watch the JESUS film. From now on, I will stand firm, and invite my children to also seek Jesus Christ as their Savior. May God reward you for bringing me this gift.” 

April 15 - 21

Prayer Points:

  • This year, 34 teams are serving in the Dominican Republic. Their biggest prayer requests include finding the most effective strategies, growing in wisdom, and needing more people to help share the gospel. 
  • Teams praise God for digital tools, including Zoom and social networks, which enabled them to help more than 1,400 Dominicans make decisions for Christ in 2020.

Julia’s testimony: “I am very happy because after they presented the gospel to me, God touched my heart. I accepted Him and He put it on my heart to make my house available for others to come to the feet of the Lord. My door will always be open to continue growing the Kingdom of God. This is a great blessing for my family and me!” 

April 22 - 30

Prayer Points:

  • There are 12 JESUS Film teams working in Costa Rica. The country is roughly the size of West Virginia, but is home to over five million people. Pray for teams to meet Costa Ricans' spiritual and physical needs.
  • Youth comprise two-thirds of the nation's population. Pray teams can make powerful connections with these children and their parents as they share the Good News. 

Greivin’s testimony: “When I saw the film, I felt very emotional. God touched my life and I made the decision to give my life to Him. My life was empty. I felt isolated by the pandemic. My loneliness helped me realize I need God, especially in these days of much pain and death. Thank you to the JESUS Film team for bringing this film. I am eager to take discipleship classes and help share the gospel.”