"When I hear about people coming to Christ, that thrills me!” explained Helen when asked why she partners with JESUS Film Harvest Partners. This vibrant widow has chosen to fulfill God’s mandate on her life to reach the lost by supporting JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

“At the age of 78*, I can’t give much, but I figure something always helps, and that it’s better to give a little than not at all.”

Her intense passion for the lost fuels her daily prayers for those around the world without Jesus. She also faithfully lifts to the Lord the work of JESUS Film teams who are on the field day after day, working to reach the lost with the Good News of eternal life through Christ.

Helen loves testimonies and stories about people who have come to faith through the JESUS film. One of her favorites is about a showing in a village in India. When the film reached the scene where Jesus came out of the water after being baptized, the crowd began to shout, “It’s Him! It’s Him!” They had seen his face in the clouds the previous week. She loves to recount how many people came to Christ that day and several churches were started in that area of India.

Through her loving partnership with JESUS Film Harvest Partners, this Kingdom-builder is storing up eternal treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy.

Helen’s example:

  • Prays daily for JESUS Film Harvest Partners
  • Gives $5-7 per month
  • Has given for 54 months straight*
  • More than 100 people will hug her neck in heaven because she helped them find Jesus!

*A version of this story appeared in the JESUS Film Harvest Partners Winter 2007 newsletter. Helen has now given for 74 months straight, allowing JESUS Film teams to reach hundreds with the Good News!